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Rabbi Surprises FOX News Panel w/ 'Duck Dynasty' Slam

Rabbi Shmuel "Shmuley" Boteach surprised a FOX News panel when he seemingly went off-script during a segment praising a new church curriculum put together by the Duck Dynasty family.

Rather than towing the FOX party line, Rabbi Boteach calls out the Duck Dynasty for their dangerous and hypocritical anti-gay rhetoric--and members of the FOX panel aren't happy about it.

Take a look! (Skip to 2:11)

Boteach says (in a transcription from Raw Story):

“The religious person hears a calling. It’s not career, it’s not about them, it’s about the wider contribution they can make to society in general. And that breeds humility.”

“But on this with Duck Dynasty, they’ve done tremendous damage to religion,” he added. “We have to stop making religion in America about bashing gays. They just have to forswear that stupid comment about comparing homosexuality to bestiality.”

And Boteach was just warming up: “You see the problem in America is we overlook all the heterosexual guys who are raping women, one in five, on the campus. We saw this terrible statistic that in Alaska…”

The rabbi was probably going to make a point about Alaskan women being raped at a rate three times the national average, but Carlson and Griffith cut him off.

“I don’t think that’s what they’re about,” Griffith argued.

“Bashing gays is not religion!” Boteach shot back. “What is religion is family dinners and combating the divorce rate.”

Well said, Rabbi! 

What do you think of his comments?


(H/T: The Backlot / Raw Story)


Leviticus 20:13
"If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense."  death to filthy homosexuals . amen

Dylan, get a life! 

if you think God hates homosexuals and we are going to burn in hell for loving somebody, I can't wait to see what happens to you for hating somebody you will probably burn in a twice as hot hell

if you think God hates HOMOSEXUALS for loving somebody, you better watch and wait and see what happens to you for hating somebody you will all burn in a twice as hot as hell

This is a shining example of why I don't watch Fox News. I am a gay, liberal Christian, but Fox can't even handle "gay" and "Christian" in the same sentence. Fox sends the message loud and clear that if you are not a Tea Party, ultra conservative, ultra right-wing republican, then you don't need to watch their news channel.

Rabbi, Find in Scripture where God says homosexual acts are NOT a SIN. I would love to know the Book Chapter and Verse. Sin is sin. Rape is sin, bestiality is sin, murder is sin, the action of these things is sin, the person committing them is a sinner just as the person that lies, or steals.

Sorry, Pam, but the bible does not say homosexual acts are a sin. THe Old Testament says they make one ritually impure (abomination is a horrible translation of the Hebrew word), and the NT doesn't state that it is a sin, either. So, you produce the places in the bible where you think God says it is a sin - and produce them in Hebrew or Koine Greek, not some translation you rely on for your ignorant belief.

Pam, why are you even commenting on a blog for gay and bisexual men? You're not in the right place.

Being a gay ex-Christian, I could not commit  Christian sin, even if I wanted to.  Only Christians can commit Christian sins.

I would have to say 99.9 % Christian don't know the book of Moses and or don't understand its text.The Book was written by man interpreting Gods word .When the Jewish people were out of Egypt and being slaves.The laws were put in place to rebuild the Jewish nation .Do not drop your seed on the earth or you will be sent out of the tribal area for a week and sleeping with a Man like a woman again a waste of the seed not to flourish the Jewish community at that TIME.Now in our time that is not the most important case ,but it still hold true in the Orthodox community having a large family to compete with other religions .Look at Catholic having a poor family but many children.  

Here! Here! Rabbi.... by the way, did anyone else notice how the beyatch Fox Hostess glossed right over the Rabbi's comments and directed her attention to the 700 Club Ho? 

And she was also hating the other woman because she's an atheist.

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