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Radio Host Hilariously Trolls Homophobic Listener On Facebook

A homophobic listener got hilariously owned by radio DJ Ryder from Edmonton, Canada's HOT 107. 

The listener trolled Ryder's Facebook page after the radio morning show host made comments about the LGBT Pride parade he'd attended that weekend with his co-workers. The listener wrote:

Just heard some CRAP on your show about how gays have better parades and eyebrows????? What the fuck man? If I ever hear you talk about pro homo bullshit again I wont ever listen to your radio station again. I’ll be telling your bosses this too.

Apparently Ryder was shaking in his boots because he responded to the homophobe with this gem on Facebook:

Ryder commented after posting the interaction: 

Lost a listener this morning. Totally worth it.


Well played, sir! 


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)



He just jealous cuz they fucked up his eyebrows. And nobody liked his float.

you should have "outed" that numbnut!

Outing somebody is actually not really a laughing matter. 

I was referring to the homophobe ..

Ryder you did good fuck that bastard we don't need him to listen to you show anyway tell him to turn his radio off and go get a life.

hahahahaha great  comeback ryder

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