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This Rainbow Christmas Tree Will Be The Most Fabulous In The Neighborhood

If you're looking for a Christmas tree that could potentially set your entire neighborhood aflame (and be visible from space), look no further!!

There's still time to get this beacon of fierce fabulousness in your living room this season! 

Don't even bother decorating it. We wouldn't want to be over the top, right??

Treetopia, the maker of the tree says:

We’re proud to present one of our most talked-about trees, one that has garnered legions of fans and has become a true media darling — the Color Burst Rainbow Christmas Tree. This rainbow Christmas tree elicits smiles and radiates pure happiness with its vibrant appearance. Spiraling with a plethora of colors, this tree requires no lights to wow a crowd.

As versatile as it is vibrant, this colorful Christmas tree lends itself well to other celebrations throughout the year, be it birthdays, anniversaries, or Mardi Gras. Usher the true spirit of Christmas into your home with this sparkling symbol of joy and unity.

Does anybody have an address for the One Million Moms? John Boehner? Think Treetopia will offer us a two-for-one deal?


(H/T: NNNext)



I want one! I want one NOW!!!!!  Please tell me where I can get it!

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