'Rapist, Cheat, Liar, Racist, Conman, A**hole': Rosie O'Donnell is Selling Anti-Trump Art

Former talk show host and outspoken LGBTQ advocate Rosie O'Donnell looks to be putting that crafts room she has to good use (we saw it during an episode of Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D-List back in the day). 

She has started developing a line of anti-Trump works of art that she's selling on the website Etsy. Rosie is one of the hundreds of celebrities who has criticized our current president over and over again, but she's taking her criticism in a different direction by focusing it on her art skills and it's very powerful message behind it.

She's selling these signed pieces of art for a good cause: to raise money for anti-Trump candidates and causes.

One particular piece of art read that Trump is a "rapist, cheat, liar,  racist, conman and asshole." She lovingly refers to him as Trumpy in the same piece of art.

Rosie must be doing something right here, as both collections listed above are sold out. however she has uploaded other drawings onto her Twitter account in recent days.



Great job Rosie... to bad Dumpsters forget the GOP controlled both houses during President Obama's last term and refused to work with him... he singlehandedly represented ALL Americans. Dump, the self serving elitist, has added to the swamp and Rosie's  showing it it her art. 

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