Rapper Ca$h Out Starts Thirst And Debate Over His Big Tweet

Credit: Twitter @TheRealCashOut

Dear lord, get a load of this one (or be jealous that you can’t).

At this point it’s become fair game for celebrities to use social media to get some attention from fans. Scroll through Twitter or Instagram and soon you’ll have an eyeful.

And one of the latest thirst traps that’s making fans go crazy? A few not-so-subtle tweets sent out by rapper CA$H OUT.

A couple days ago the rapper tweeted a video of himself standing up from his seat to turn off the video. Pointless... other than the fact that you get an eyeful of his bulge through his shorts. (That and the fact that he shared a link to his latest album. Really Ca$h Out?)


 And then fans were quick to remember a video he took of himself in a towel a few weeks back (which also had a link).


Now at first, some might call the bulge fake, but others say its all real. But of course, none of us know for certain.

But at the very least, his fans are having fun imagining if it is.

















What do you think? Do you think its real? Fake? Or does it not matter at all?



And who really cares.  Not me

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