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Rapper Lil Peep Came Out As Bisexual On Twitter

Seems this is a perfect time to come out as bisexual on Twitter. First Aaron Carter did it and now rapper Lil Peep is doing it.

The rap artist went to twitter and announced his sexuality to the world in the most mundane way.



The best part is that his fanbase looks to be totally ok with it. In fact, some have already started lining up for that kiss.






But who is Lil Peep? I checked him out after the news came out and it looks like he's a relatively new rapper who's working his way up. He's still pretty unknown, but he's growing a fanbase fast and gaining more experience.

Honestly, given the fact that he's so unknown and that it's so close to Aaron Carter's coming out, one has to wonder if this is another celebrity publicity stunt. If so, it brings up the same discussion we had for the Dublin Drag Qeen who video taped herself punching a man who snatched her wig.

But forgetting all that, let's take a look at his music. So far, he raps to slow jams and beats, which has made other writers call him an "emo-rapper." I get where they're coming from (plus he calls himself a Goth), but I don't know if that's a perfect title for his sound.

But don't let me decide for you. You can check out two of his songs down below to hear for yourself.



Will he be the next big thing? Who knows. But, we might check in with him later to see what happens.