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Real Housewife Of Atlanta Porsha Williams Thinks Gays "Need To Be Saved"

A Bravo star has exemplified that antithesis of everything Andy Cohen's network stands for. Porsha Williams, a cast member of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, has lumped in the LGBT community with drug dealers and prostitutes as a class of folks who "need to be saved."

TMZ has unearthed a video of Porsha evangelizing at High Praise Christina Center Ministries in Georgia from 2011. In the video, Porsha is telling Christians that it's their duty to save prostitutes, drug dealers, the suicidal and gays. “We’re supposed to try and save them and tell them, ‘You are worthy!’”

We'd pay good money to watch Porsha tell that to big bossman Andy!




Typical broke-ass nigger tryin to make a buck like the rest of those hood queens on atlanta housewives. Just look at nene leakes, still a broke ass with no property ownership, still renting houses like a nigger makin that minimum payment each month while blowing her money on clothes and hair weaves.

niggers will be niggers.

It's interesting how people we all talk about tolerance (because I'm gay too) but we have no tolerance for what people believe. Yes I agree that the religion of Christianity has a lot to evolve but putting everyone in the same category is ignorance at it's best. To the people that are hating the "Christians" I choose to forgive you, see the good in society and we can all change for the better of all. 

No, we will NOT be tolerant of you belittling our INHERENTLY being gay because you hide behind a false, MAN MADE, man written book. Your religion is a CHOICE you made. Us being gay was an inherent trait. If you choose to use your religion to preach at, judge and vote against the rights of gays, we will absolutely, positively start scrutinizing your religion. If you can dish it, be prepared to take it. That's called life. Your "woe is me" religious martyr act isn't working on us. Wrong crowd.

Religious people creep me out. Such hypocrites. All like a bunch of gang members, religion being the gang, and preachers being the gang leaders...terrorizing communities that don't belong to their thuggish gangs.

Why do Christians think THEY are in a position to preach at others about how others need to conduct their lives when christians are the most FLAWED people I have ever met, and eagerly overlook their own flaws. Is it because most gay people don't believe in being slaves to a man made concept like organized religion, which seeks to separate humans and rape the soul?

Her religion has done more to harm society than any other institution. Members of her religion have done more to divide humanity than any other force. Christians are some of the most hypocritical, delusional, lying folks you will ever meet. I doubt the intentions of anyone who wants to scream about their religion from a roof top. Chances are, they are trying to deflect from something they do.

Typical hood rat. And yes, she IS a hood rat.

And her family is part of the civil rights movement too, and here she is (in a climate where she knows gay kids are forced to suicide) belittling gays. Not the least bit surprising though. Oppressed become the oppressors.

ummm shes not saying that being gay is wrong shes basically saying to HELP THEM KNOW THAT GOD LISTENS TO THEM stop tryna make her out to be a homophob UGH AS IF!! queens these days smh and yes i am gay but yall needa quit fo reel

Do you think we're dumb? just because YOU battle self hate doesn't mean the rest of us do. You're a clown.

You're a byproduct of the black church which has told you your whole life gays are evil, and even though you can't quite fight the urge for cock, you internally can't shake off believe being gay is flawed. You are battling internalized homophobia and are trying to project your baggage on us. Take it from someone who left the black church, they can't stand you. You can sing in the choir, but they still think you're burning in hell

Oh please. You're just defending her because she shares the same skin color as you. Had a gay public figure been making sermons putting blacks in the same sentence as prostitutes and drug dealers, you all would have al sharpton and jesse jackson on the streets demanding their head. HAVE A SEAT with your damn double standard!

Guurrl the only person that needs to be saved is anyone who has to listen to that naggy voice of hers

1 timothy chapter 2

she is not even suppose to be up there teaching or preaching to anyone , sorry , her own Bible tells her that .. you cannot pick n chose what parts you like sweet heart ..

In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;

10 But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.

11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.

12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve.

14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

My Self being a Gay Choctaw-Cherokee Two-Spirit person and a Native-American Spiritualist

iam reminded that it is not my place to judge people and i do not agree with this it is not the Christian's job to save nobody's soul nor is it their place, you cannot force god and Religion on people there is no one way of serving the Creator and nobody know for sure who's going to heaven or hell no way just in case she is trying to go there to. these people think they know everything but i;m here to tell Porscha and Christian that she is not an Authority on everything nor is she the Creator do ever throw stones at glass houses.

She is so Wrong for this./

Religion more people have been hurt by it than "saved" by it over the course of history...humanity ignorance of the afterlife will always lead us to have blind misguided faith in the unknown worrying about what's to come and totally not realizing that what's in front of you is what's truly important ... Spare us your fanciful stories and treat people of all walks of like the way they should be treated with dignity and respect 

“We’re supposed to try and save them and tell them, ‘You are worthy!’”

I've always been worthy and frankly I don't require your condescending approval, and I sure as Hell don't require saving by the likes of you or fellow like minded people that believe their religious path is the only one.

Porscha and her sorry ghetto family have exctracted money thru there "charity" for decades, which primarily funded their lifestyle. Yet she dare to say anyone should be "saved"??!!
She, like the other Atlanta castmates are nothing but ghetto trash straight from the hood and always will be. Nearly every last one of them has been in forclosure and do not pay their bills. Typical blacks.

That was her Christian duty to drag Kenya she was a lost sheep lol

For someone who is preaching "Gods word about being Christ like and needing to help save those who are sinners," can someone please tell me how "Christ like," was she when she was dragging Kenya Moore across the floor by her weave at the season final of RHOA? I think she lost her sight of what Christ would have done in that situation over what she did.  

Valium, a voice-coach, and some serious rehab for this creature please !!

I think she need several things. But I don't go around preaching what I think she needs 

While I agree that the love of Jesus Christ is there to save us, I do take issue with Porsche lumping us in with drug dealers, suicidal individuals...etc. If she was truly filled with the message of God, she wouldn't have broken out each of those groups and called them out. We all came from and have our sins, however, being gay isn't one of them. Now, what I do think is a sin.... the fact that Porsche thought the underground railroad actually had a train. Now that is a sin. And if I might be frank, I believe everyone needs to be saving those they love and cleaning up their own house before they begin to put a spotlight on my need to be saved. The very moment Christ died on the cross was the moment I was saved. Review your New Testament, Porsche. 

She's fucked!

she needs to be saved by the gays to keep her on the show but not now you need to be fired gurl. Guess you be moving back with your mommy looking for your next meal ticket ok lol

Another ingrate hetero who uses gay people to get ahead, even if just a little, in life or even for their own personal luxuary purposes (designing their clothes, doing their hair, serving them in restaurants, providing entertainment, etc) but continues to treat them as less than. I also wonder what Andy thinks about being treated like her slave, her show monkey, her pet, her.

At the moment, I don't need to be saved from anything except fake preachers. How SHE doin'?

We need to be saved from people like her and their Hate, Fear, and Ignorance.

Of course Gays need to be saved as does everyone. This does not mean they need to be saved because they are gay. It doe not say that.  You assume that. All people need the love and salvation of God. I am gay and am saved by God's grace and Christ's blood. But I am not saved becasue i am gay. My orientation has nothing to do with sin unless I abuse it.

I do agree with this statement. I'm gay and a Christian, and as a believer I do believe that everyone needs salvation, a place of peace, love and mercy. No matter whom you are, straight, gay, bi, transsexual, etc. I am not part of the victim stereotype of me being targeted by both sides.

Some people believe that everyone should be saved and some don't. This is not a hate speech this is just wanting to reach out and love everyone. We just have to give them a chance, though they haven't given us one to trust them.

The message of Jesus is to love one another and let Jesus save our souls from eternal death if you believe in him. If you don't the message was not meant for you.

Enough with so much hate.

and thank you Rob

Lol I love how highy & mighty you Christians view yourselves as. You're nothing short of a *cult* member. Your christianity is a man made concept to control the masses by a few old men many moons ago. Now, because of fear of death and wanting to feel superior to others, you cult members still subcribe to that silliness, which is your right, but the moment you project that crap on me, your religion will be lambasted. And don't play martyr either...freedom of speech, right thumpers?

Blah blah blah blah blah. You Christians are so entitled assuming we gays are idiots. We don't need you preaching at us, unless you want us to open the floodgates and start judging your BUYBULL and the hilarious, foolish, amusing fabricated stories in it? Wanna go there? Hey, if you can dish it, you should be able to take it, bible thumpers.

You Christians need to be "saved" more than anyone else. You christians have committed more evil in society than ANY entity and institution. Thankfully, church attendance is at an all time low in this country. And you only have yourselves to blame.

thank Jerry. I appreciate that. I do believe Jesus' message is for everyone and that His death was for all. Thanks and peace to you.  Rob

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