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Reasons We're Happy To Be Men: Woman Naturally Gives Birth To 13.5 Lb. Baby!!

There are days where you're just supremely grateful to be a man. 

Today is one of those days. 

A German woman gave birth to a 13 1/2 pound baby--and she did it naturally. As in through her vagina. 

The New York Daily News reports:

A baby born Friday in Germany is the country's largest-ever, at 13.47 pounds and 22.6 inches long.

Baby girl Jasleen arrived July 26 at University Hospital in Leipzig. Though babies of her size are often delivered via caesarean section, Jasleen's mother gave birth vaginally. The mother had a previously undiagnosed case of gestational diabetes, doctors discovered. The condition usually develops around the 24th week of pregnancy and can lead to larger-than-average newborn size.

Both daughter and mother are doing well after the birth, though Jasleen remains in the neonatal care unit, doctors said, according to the German newspaper Der Spiegel. Jasleen takes the title of Germany's biggest baby from a 13-pound boy named Jihad, born in Berlin in 2011.


We weep for this woman's lady parts. But congrats!  We presume little (?) Jasleen will be driving next month. 

Oh and don't think we didn't note that Jasleen took the giant baby title away from 13-pound boy named JIHAD. We're quite sure that little man waged a holy war on his mother's nether regions as well.


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