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Redskins Quarterback Kirk Cousins Wants To Bring Gay Players To Jesus

​Washington Redskins backup quarterback Kirk Cousins wants to bring potential gay teammates to Jesus.

Well, bless his heart.

From MLive

Cousins says:

“From a football standpoint, if the guy can help us win, come help us win. Now, there are a lot of teammates in my locker room right now who may not have a homosexual lifestyle, but they have sins, too. They’re not perfect. So I don’t say they can’t help us win. Nobody’s perfect.

To that degree, we’d welcome him into our locker room and say come help us win, and hopefully I can love him like Jesus and hopefully show him what it means to follow Jesus.”

Yep. Because gays (and gay teammates) are in need of fixing. (And obviously no gay teammate could possibly already be Christian or a follower of Jesus.)

Got it! 

Cousins made these statements on Friday while speaking at Northpointe High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We're sure the gay kids in the audience appreciated it. 

Despite his good intentions, do you think Cousins realizes that these sort of statements are insulting?


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Well well. Things like this  are always so  pitiful. Even though I am not Christian I know enough about it's teachings to realize that  it is  most likely that  Jesus  would ask mr. Kirk Cousins.." And what  makes YOU think   that  that YOU  have the right to judge  who is  or is not  in need  of being brought to me????" 

Previously, I'd have been delighted to offer Cousins an intimate worship experience: he'd be screaming "Jesus, I'm coming!" for hours..... but no more.....

He is incredibly patronising.

As an African American male, who is gay and married to my 20+ years partner, I take offense to you saying that you can lead Mr. Sams or anyone else to Jesus, but under your conditions, that he help wins games.  You my friend have no idea what a struggle it's probably been for him and thousands of other black males , having religion shoved down our throats and used to make them believe that we're less than human and perfect.  Until you live with black parents and have to deal with the agony and the shame of the thought of coming out as a black gay male, you have no ground to claim to have a monopoly on Christianity.  If you just want him for his athletic ability, then just say so, and stop trying to use bringing him to Jesus as a means to your salvation. 

You're looking for a fight here and there isn't one. The guy says he'd love a gay teammate. Period. End of story. He's not saying gays need to be "fixed" in any way, let alone fixed to love Jesus. He's just saying he's going to witness for his Jesus -- which would annoy the crap out of me, personally, as an atheist, but I wouldn't be offended, nor should you be.

actually he is and your apparently ok with that implication.  dont be pissed that there are those who are not and will not take lying down.  thanks for playing

Why would we need to find Jesus, is he lost?!

Or how about you learn that not everyone has the same faith & beliefs as you and that's perfectly A-OK. This is America, where everyone gets to believe in whatever they feel is right for them. BACK OFF!!!

Goth, preppy, jock, bohemian - those are lifestyles and by spiritual  beliefs are perfectly fine. Gaia does not create "sins", humans create "sins" to bolster the unhealthy superiority and control complexes. Civilized humans beings do not need religion to reach them right from wrong.

Until I read this I had a lot of respect for Cousins.  No more!  As an ordained Christian theologian with a graduate degree from seminary, I question Cousins' motive.  As a man who has been gay for the last 47 years of my life, I can tell Cousins a few things about coming to Jesus.  Jesus loves gays and lesbians just as Jesus loves everyone else.  Sexual orientation does not keep someone from Jesus.  It sounds as though Cousins' underlying, unspoken message is that if you are gay and you come to Jesus you can and must turn into being straight.  That is at its very core a sinister and offensive message.  I wonder what Cousins' real motive is?

I think the issue is openly walking in sin. Sin should never be celebrated.

Not a lot of brain cells this guy has between his ears really just how thick can people be 

No, he doesn't have a clue how insulting his words are. He's oblivious to anything but his own beliefs, however misguided those might be!

Its insulting because he basically said what most people who think like him say. Sure they can be around even though who they are is a sin. Lets use them to win if we can then if we find out there gay try and show them "Jesus love" so they see its a sin. Its called tolerating. Putting up with something is what you do with an annoying fly or a law in your country you can`t change but think is wrong. Equality is what Human beings deserve. Being gay is not a sin.

I don't see what's wrong. I mean as a guy jewelry I wouldn't wanna be told to follow jess as much as anyone else who isn't really religious. But con he's saying welcome of they are good players. I don't see how some of you think...

What in God's name did you just say?? Made no sense what-so-ever!

Did you read this before you posted it??  What the H?


"I don't see how some of you think"....clearly without a crack pipe in our other hand. Dude, put down the pipe and take a minute to go back and re-read what you typed. 

After reading your comment, I doubt anyone knows how you think. I am wondering what language you think in...

Not only are those words insulting, but to teenagers in the midst of their self discovery, those words are downright dangerous.  But Cousins is blind to that.  He just deals with "Jesus Affect", not true human affect.  Cousins just doesn't know. 

That's not at all what he said.  Man, you guys at Instinct are just trying to create drama

What a complete and utter MORON!

It is one more person they look up to telling them they are bad or wrong in some way. He should never have said that to kids.

How is this insulting i dont see it to many people being to politically correct

Attempting to recruit anyone into any religious sect is wrong.

Where are the good intentions, though? I hear patronizing and compulsion.

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