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Reggae Artist Banned From Jamaican Music Festival For Homophobic Lyrics

Is it getting better in Jamaica? Promoters of Sting, an annual reggae music festival in the homophobic hotspot nation, have actually banned a popular musician for spewing hateful and violent anti-gay lyrics on stage during the latest incarnation of the event. 

Sizzla Kalonji was banned from performing at Sting ever again after devoting nearly 15 minutes to offensive homophobic lyrics on stage this year. Event organizer Isaiah Laing quickly sent out a press release informing the public of the promoters' swift punishment of Sizzla, in an effort to help "internationalize the event."

"Sizzla was warned repeatedly before going onstage about not promoting hate music and he went up there and did it repeatedly. We are going international and we warned every artiste before they went on to the stage," Laing said.

The press release from Supreme Promotions went on to warn other artists about homophobic hate lyrics. It reads:

Sharp lyrical exchanges and colourful performances are staples of our annual offering, however, in accordance with our efforts to internationalise the event, we strive to ensure that the performances conform to accepted standards of decency and decorum.

We believe that our artistes will take note of the observations which will assist us in effecting the kinds of control that we have been working assiduously to maintain and introduce. We wish to commend the majority of artistes who appeared on the show and performed in accordance with the standards which are reflective of our objectives.

We thank the public and our sponsors for their continuous support, without which we would not have been able to boast three decades of existence. We remain committed to advancing reggae, dancehall music, and the industry. We will continue to strive to improve our product and are confident that with your support we will achieve our aim.

Here's video of the cringe-inducing performance that got Sizzla banned:



In other words, fantastic news out of Jamaica!





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That guy looks like an idiot and he dresses like one too !!!!  Who cares what his dumb ass has to say anyways.

Wow - very surprised and hopeful for Jamaica.

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