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'The Rehab Diaries': A Gay Kid's Account Of Being Sent To Rehab For Being Gay

Sorry, if you need us, we can be found in the rabbit hole that is The Rehab Diaries--a gay man's actual real-time journal account of when his parents sent him to rehab for being gay in 2003. 

The author writes:

I recently started a blog where I've been photocopying my diary entries from ten years ago when my parents sent me to rehab for being gay. I thought it would be a great way to help and inspire others who have either gone through something like that or dealing with issues with their parents because of their sexuality.

We were mesmerized from the first page (and devastated that someone had to go through this a little more than a decade ago). 

Check out The Rehab Diaries here. 

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(H/T: Kenneth In The 212)


MY BOO! wow I so love you... you are amazing just the way you are! It's been rocky for you but damn you are still so effing amazing . I miss so like crazy. Definitely think you and my wifey yaa should have a reunion... Ily forever my friend <3

I could not stop reading your journal.I totally felt your pain! I am so proud of your determination to be true to yourself and what you are. a beautiful,caring, honest, and lovable person.

Your parents are IDIOTS. They should be punished for what they have done to you.


You done ev er have to worry about going to hell, youve already been there.

Love your spirit!

Overwhelmed! Thank you so much!

I hope you make it out ok! I believe in you!

I've been out for 10 years! Just doing this as a cathartic experience of letting go of the past while also helping out other young gaylings futures. Thank you!

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