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Rep. Huelskamp Will File Constitutional Amendment To Restore DOMA This Week

It hasn't even been legally dead for a few hours and already Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) has announced plans to defibrillate DOMA with a constitutional amendment he plans to file in Congress this week.

"My response to this will be later this week to file a federal marriage amendment,” Huelskamp said during a conservative luncheon on Wednesday. 

When asked if he has support from congressional leaders, Huelskamp referred back to comments Speaker John Boehner made shortly after the Supreme Court's dismantling of DOMA and SCOTUS. 

“A robust national debate over marriage will continue in the public square, and it is my hope that states will define marriage as the union between one man and one woman,” Boehner said early Wednesday.

(h/t: Politico)



Me thinks the lady doth protest too much!

Yeah, good luck with that!

Really - his antiquated views are only supported by the fringe right - i hope the people of kansas will send him packing.

If this guy keeps beating his head against a brick wall, something is going to break.......and it's not the wall.

This is not what the people of America want. Oh that's the right the reichpublicans only listen to the polls when it says what they want and not what the people want. Anti-American parasites.

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