Report: 'Faggots Will Burn In Hell,' Allegedly Says Cop To Gay High School Students

According to reports, an openly gay high school student says that his bus driver went on a homophobic diatribe, voiced over the bus PA system.

Allegedly said bus driver, Robert Belt:

“No faggot activity will be permitted on this bus. In my Bible it states that ‘faggots will burn in Hell,’ and I will not condone it.”

Although Belt is a part-time bus driver for Clay County High School in West Virginia, he's also the county's full-time Sheriff Deputy.

The alleged homophobic incident occurred on Tuesday morning, and was later reported to the school's Vice Principal by a concerned parent.

NBC affiliate WSAZ has more:

The county school system has launched an investigation after learning about allegations against a bus driver. Clay County community members tell WSAZ the school bus driver used a gay slur when referring to a student who was on the bus. Superintendent Joe Paxton said he first learned of the allegations when the high school reported the incident in question to the board.

Superintendent Paxton’s entire written statement reads: “In response to the media’s request for a statement, please know that administration is prohibited from going into detail regarding these preliminary allegations. I can state that administration is investigating the allegations, and will do so thoroughly, all while complying with applicable laws and policies that govern the process. Administration always takes allegations of this nature serious, and in doing so, administration takes the investigation serious versus rushing to prejudgment.”

According to a post shared to Facebook, three other students have given statements regarding the incident.

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