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Report: Jason Collins 'Stands A Good Chance' Of Receiving NBA Contract This Season

Ever since Jason Collins came out there's been speculation as to where the free agent player would land--or if he'd land anywhere at all. (Collins has played for the NBA for 12-years so it's not a stretch to argue that he might be in the latter part of his career.)

A report from is giving us hope that we'll get to root for Collins on the basketball court this upcoming season!'s Kevin Arnovitz writes:

Will Collins, who reportedly met with the Detroit Pistons a few weeks ago, receive a contract offer for the 2013-14 season? An informal survey of league executives at Las Vegas Summer League suggests that Collins, who remains a free agent, stands a good chance to be in uniform on opening night this fall as teams flesh out their rosters with 12th, 13th and 14th men in the weeks leading up to training camp.

“He’s a September player,” one front office exec said. “He’s a positive locker room influence and still plays big. The league likes him.”

NBC Sports writes:

Collins is still in the league because of his professional demeanor and work ethic, along with the fact that he can give you 10 or so minutes per game while not hurting his team defensively. He’s not going to put up much in the way of numbers, but it never hurts to add a seven-footer with a high basketball IQ to the end of the bench.


We're crossing our fingers that we'll get to see the big man on the court! 


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Good luck, Jason!

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