Report: LGBT Workers Live And Work Under "Broken Bargain"

In a land where LGBT employees can still be fired for being gay in more states than not, the American dream is not exactly a reality, according to a new report from a joint coalition of economic and LGBT groups. Due to persistent inequality in the workplace, LGBT workers live and work under "a broken bargain" according to research available in the new report.

From a press release:

A Broken Bargain: Discrimination, Fewer Benefits and More Taxes for LGBT Workers illustrates how America’s basic bargain—that those who work hard can get ahead—is broken for LGBT workers. The report vividly shows how antiquated and discriminatory laws make it harder for LGBT workers to provide for themselves and their families, and offers detailed policy recommendations for addressing those inequities.  
While the nation focuses on recent advances in securing marriage for same-sex couples, 40 years of advocacy have yet to yield federal nondiscrimination protections for LGBT workers. Driven by the need to respond to this need, this report brings together a coalition of leading LGBT organizations, policy experts and business advocates that includes the Movement Advancement Project (MAP), the Center for American Progress (CAP), and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), in partnership with Freedom to Work, National Center for Transgender Equality, National Partnership for Women and Families, Out and Equal Workplace Advocates and SEIU—with a foreword by Small Business Majority.
“The ethical and business case for Workplace Equality has transformed corporate America. The companies we work with are leading the way and now is the time for our legislators to do the right thing for business, the right thing for social justice, the right thing for equality and follow suit. An inclusive ENDA when passed will be the prelude to our greatest work and greatest challenge – creating cultures of inclusion that permeate all our workplaces,” said Selisse Berry, Founder and CEO, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates.

Head here for the full report and for recommendations on affecting policy change to fix the "broken bargain."

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