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Republican Congresswoman Renee Ellmers Shades Clay Aiken's Possible Run For Congress

Republican North Carolina Congresswoman Renee Ellmers pulled no punches when asked for her thoughts on American Idol contestant Clay Aiken potentially running against her!

Aiken is reportedly exploring a run in the 2nd district's Democratic primary.

Give this short  radio interview clip a listen!

Ellmers, pictured above, says:

"Apparently, his performing career is not going so well. He's very bored. I'll tell you, I'm a little hurt. I think he has an incredible voice and he's incredibly talent, and I'd rather have his support."


"As we know, he didn't really fare all that well. He was runner-up," she said. "He also didn't win on ['Celebrity Apprentice'].. so I guess the next step is Congress. You know, we don't have a very high approval rating so I guess the bar's been lowered for him."


What do you think of Clay's prospects, Instincters?


(H/T: HuffPo)


@Scott Larsen. Not being a community that stands behind its members, particularly those who can make a big difference, is exactly why we still don't have equality.

well we all know the level or lack luster performance as a Congresswoman for the state of north Carolina  after all with her secret drinking and on line shopping addictions it's only to be well her  endless ability to always find a way to bring male genitals into he explanation for everything that she dose not support for the most part explains just about everything I need to understands about her.

Memo to Always: the GLTB 'community' isn't a monolithic do in one way or support one candidate over another just because he/she comes from our community. That is what the fight around equality is all about: Freedom of choice (and I am an ardent Democrat btw and past member of the Electoral College that selects the president, oh and gay...).

Fools beware... we had an idiot actor in the white house for two full terms (at least in body) & the nation still hasn't recovered from that. Clay could very well kick Renee in the pants. Who knows, maybe he will prove himself a better politician than performer..

So you had the choice to support a fellow LGBT person who has the opportunity to make a difference in professional politics and you choose to mock him. For shame.

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