In Response To Neighbor's Pride Flags, Seattle Man Carves Anti-LGBT Bible Verse Into Fence

Shaun Shaffer says his neighbor carved an anti-LGBT Bible verse into a fence. (Photo: King5)

To celebrate LGBT pride, a Seattle man and his housemates hung rainbow and Trans pride flags outside their home.

In response, their neighbor carved anti-LGBT bible verses into a fence. 

From NBC King 5 in Seattle:

A week before gay pride festivities kick off, a South Seattle man said his neighbor carved an anti-gay Bible verse into a fence.

Seattle Police are investigating to see if it's a hate crime or just an act of free speech.

Last weekend, 38-year-old Shaun Shaffer and his roommates decorated their home with four gay pride flags.

"I live with two roommates who are a couple. One roommate who is single. All gay," Shaffer said.Seattle man on anti-gay carving by his neighbor

"We just finished putting up the flags, and we were taking the recycling out, and we saw our neighbor up against his fence," said Shaffer. "And we heard scratching. We couldn't tell what he was doing. There was muttering."

Later they realized he was carving a Bible verse, with an all too familiar message.

"I know what Leviticus 20:13 is, yeah."

The Bible verse states, "If a man has sexual relations with a man ... both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death."

Quite the opposite of the old saying that good fences make good neighbors.

"By including the verse that gays should be put to the death, that pushed it past the edge for me," said Shaffer. "I believe in the First Amendment, absolutely, but threats that are put out to the community should not be tolerated."


H/T: Pink News




It also says our blood should be on us. Just killing us is not enough for the "Religion of Love".  There has to be blood. Evil little book. 


Throughout history we can see the rise and fall and rise again of LGBT acceptance.. and it always comes down to a verse or two from Leviticus .. the Old Testament ... what's interesting is that these fence carving inbreds  call themselves Christians .. to be a Christian is to denounce the Old Testament.. and accept the NEW testament as 'biblical truth' .. there isn't anything in the New Testament that refers to or condemns homosexuality .. they didn't know of it as a concept at the time .. Jesus never once mentioned it .. what astounds me is how very specific and murderously HATEFUL these people are .. let's even take into account perhaps that it did reference homosexuality as a 'sin' .. these knuckle dragging troglodytes only hear or see what they want to see .. gay is 'icky' so let's pound the Bible over everybody's head .. while never even mentioning the over 50% of marriages that end up in divorce .. there IS no divorce in their religion .. nor 'remarriage' .. how about those who are cheaters ?? Where's the fence carving there ? What about those hell bound satanists who have sex before marriage .. where's the fence carving ??? Why is it that they ONLY seem to focus like a laser .. on LGBT people .. pure hate .. without basis .. yet most people around them could have a bible verse carved in their asses .. and of course they never EVER seem to remember the most famous "judge not..lest ye be judged" .. in my opinion it Aaaaaallllll boils down to redneck blowhard self righteous pompous holier than thou tiny dicked men who think "it's icky" and they want it dead .. by any means necessary .. if they put that same energy into loving thy neighbor , or holding judgement and practicing forgiveness .. or helping homelessness or their own damn marriage to help lesson divorce rates or a thousand other things .. they might make a positive difference .. but God to them .. only hates the fags ...  everything else they can ignore .. 

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