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Retired Methodist Pastor Kills Himself In Protest Of Homophobia, Racism

Rev. Charles Moore has enacted his final protest after a life battling discrimination in many forms, including homophobia. The retired United Methodist paster committed suicide in a horrific manner late last month while shouting about the country's war on minorities. 

LGBTQ Nation has more:

Rev. Charles Moore, 79, doused himself with gasoline and set himself on fire in the parking lot of a strip mall in his hometown of Grand Saline, Texas, on June 23,reports the Dallas News.

According to accounts, Moore screamed and tried to stand as he was engulfed in flames, while witnesses tried to put out the fire with shirts, bottles of water and a fire extinguisher. Moore was airlifted unconscious to aDallas hospital, but died from his burn injuries.

Moore chose Grand Saline for the negative memories it held of racism and prejudice, and for a lynching that he witnessed as a boy.

He had intended his act to be a grand but selfless gesture in the manner of Buddhist monks who have done the same before him.

A number of suicide notes penned by Moore have been found, including one that derides his church for prohibiting marriage equality. Another reads:

“I have always felt that death for a cause was my destiny, but never so much as during the past several years—when it has admittedly been a preoccupation,” wrote Moore, in one of the notes he left behind.

“I would much prefer to go on living and enjoy my beloved wife and grandchildren and others, but I have come to believe that only my self-immolation will get the attention of anybody and perhaps inspire some to higher service.”


It was not a selfless act. To leave a wife, kids and grand kids behind, after committing an act like that was incredibly selfish, in my opinion. And what about the people that witnessed this? They will never get that image out of their mind. He would have been better off speaking in schools to youth, about homophobia and racism. SMH

Obviously he wasnt trying to get us to determine his sanity in fact many greats were determined insane, the more appropriate response is to realize the sadness and injustice this man felt not for himself but being so selfless for others. Some may call it brave others foolish but in the end it was just ones mans way to show the world his devotion for everyone



I live near grand saline. mom and dad are buried near there. ..I totally get what he was trying to do...dont necessarily agree...but I remember the govt paying black families to move there because the county couldnt get any federal funds because of the lopsided minorites lived was common knowledge that the kkk runs the town hall...they still do....rural east texas is about as close to hell as a oerson can get without actually glad I gtfo there

That's just nuts.  Religion in itself without true spirituality is nonsense and I'm sorry but dosing oneself with gasoline to get attention is just stupid.  If he really wanted to make a difference, there are a hundred other ways to protest without causing himself injury and if he stuck around and tried to help others in his church helping to stamp out homophobia, that would have been helpful to many.

Maybe a deep reason. But not normal. Healthy minded people don't kill themselves. 

He was mentally ill, that's the underlying cause of why he set himself on fire.

There had to have been underlying reasons for him to have killed himself. There's always a deeper reason. Sad.

I think he made the reason abundantly clear when he set himself on fire because of the terrible injustices he had witnessed in his life. That's a pretty freakin deep reason....

He was foolish; brave and strong in his convictions but ultimately foolish. This is sad because it will ultimately serve to work against the fight for equality. This will be seen not as a rallying cry against the forces of racism and homophobia but at the desperate act of a frail and sick man.

May he rest easy and his family be comforted.

I admire his conviction, but is killing yourself in protest of something really the way to do it? Especially in the horrible way that he chose. I mean, its not going to change anything.
Such a sad loss. More so for his wife and grandchildren that he wrote of.

wow. that's sad but at least he followed through with conviction. I hope his death serves a purpose.

Rest in the arms of Jesus. We will keep the fight alive. Prayers and thoughts to the family left behind.

Why must we continue to fight each other...

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