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Ricky Martin Changes Song Lyrics From 'She' To 'He' During Morocco Performance

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Ricky Martin made a welcome change--well, welcomed by us--to the lyrics of one of his hit songs during a performance in Morocco! 

His 1999 hit, "She's All I Ever Had" received a key pronoun swap, with "she" becoming "he."

Ricky sings:

“It’s the way he makes me feel/ It’s the only thing that’s real/ It’s the way he understands / He’s my lover, he’s my friend / When I look into his eyes it’s the way I feel inside / Like the man I want to be / He’s all I ever need.”

Here's video of the performance:

Even more interesting, is that Ricky chose to make this lyrical change in Morocco where being gay is illegal. 

According to Think Progress:

Under article 489 in Morocco’s penal code, being gay is a crime punishable by imprisonment. While there is something of a gay community in the country,arrests do happen. Just a month ago, six men there were jailed for being gay.

Martin was performing at the 13th Mawazine World Rhythms Festival, which takes place in Rabat and is presided over by Mounir Majidi, the personal secretary for King Mohammed VI.

Nice job, Ricky!! Hopefully next time he'll be singing about us! 


(H/T: HuffPo)



Great post i would say, really awesome tricks 

Ricky Martin heard u allot when 5 years before when i was at school. This song is one of his best

Ha Ha.. beautiful song though, the original version.

Leticia, they are plenty of atheists that have ignorance, bigotry and hate also. Religion isn't a problem for humans, humans are a problem for religion. If religion did not exist, something else would have taken its place. Sorry to get all philosophical about it but blaming religion in my opinion takes accountability away from the person. We must be careful not to become hypocrites in being exactly what we hated in the first place.

Amazing this is the best reason out of so many  of why i love you its because you show your heart, support and help others get freedom cause of you we all are Vida and Livin' LaVida Loca

Religion only leads to ignorance, bigotry and hate!!!

That shows the ignorant people that r agaist gays either woman or men no Matter who 2 go screw themselves jijiji go RICKY MARTIN!!!!!!!  :)   `-`

Like he said: (nobody should be forced ,for something ).martin so happy from being gay

Wow that was my all time favorite song and to hear this version, surely makes me smile ;)

That was beautiful

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