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Ricky Martin Ends Relationship With Longtime Partner

Looks like Ricky Martin is back on the market.

The singer has ended his longtime relationship with Carlos Gonzalez Abella. 

Us Weekly reports:

"Ricky and Carlos have mutually agreed to end their relationship but continue to be united by friendship and their shared experiences," a spokesperson for Martin said in a statement to Us.

Martin welcomed twin boys via surrogate in 2008. 

We're sure the line has already started to give Ricky a shoulder...

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Saggy, line ridden face. I can't stand the sight of this has been. NEXT!!

WOW. Bitter, party of one. I'm sure you are a vision of loveliness. *rolls eyes* NEXT !!

ur a bitch

Blah blah blah

Really?  A hot dude in an open relationship ends 'that' relationship? Wow. Think of the odds? Who cares?  He'll be in a new (open) relationship in no time! He has looks and money - he should have no problem. Any other more worthy news for the New a Year? 

Life must. Carrey on. Yes it's sad but life hard you just carrey on  take avery day as it comes , you have the two little Ricky s to look after , take care 

Keep your head high boo. Come and enjoy New Orleans

lol you guys are funny.. i know his brother whose also gay and ricky and carlos and they had an open relationship for the longest..anyways i loved being one of the men between them two daddies! now i'll just go with one or the other now..


Break ups...divorces...are very hard. I was married for 36 yrs.. were still friends. That helps....good luck

People do know that Ricky Martin is not checking this page for your messages... Right?

And how do you know he isn't?

Hello Ricky .I wish you the best.. I met you when you were at Evita I got you flowers and I'm friends with Rebecca .. Anyway my aunt sister Ines taught in Puerto Rico when you were in menudo...  I try to tell you that the day I met you, but I froze ...

Break ups are never easy, especially if kids are involved. This is coming from a gay single dad whom has raised a beautiful girl on his own since she was 3 years old. She is 14 now and I'm so proud of my achievement. Power to you Ricky :)

Can I get a rebound ticket...

I would really enjoy meeting Ricky Martin in the right setting.  Sorry to hear of the breakup.  Keep focused and priorities on the kids and their well being and adjustment to the change.

Dear Ricky:     Single, bilingual White guy, Ft Lauderdale.., great personality, athletic

loves kids, can change a diaper faster than a speeding bullet...I am not more powerful

than a locomotive....but will boldly go where no man has gone before........My salsa sucks

but I am working on me for the digits............PS ......loves early morning walks

on the beaches.......and late night bedtime stories with kids.

Really dude.  You're sad. 

That's cute....

Its all good brother life continues and it only continues with change, i am sorry if it hurts

Meant to say can't believe it !!!!

What Happened... I just believe it !!!!



HMU! lol

See. Just like straight pepole.

Think of the children!!! :-( How sad... Well keep on smiling, and may you both find what makes you happy; Love! #HappyNewYear #NewBeginnings

So sorry that they are breaking up.  I had hoped they would work out.  

Call me Ricky ;0)

That's so bizarre, when your name is Dave.  Oh well.  Hey, Ricky!  LOL

Would really like to chat sometime, sorry to hear about your breakup. Take care!!

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