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Ricky Martin Flexes For Shirtless Balcony Selfie Video

Nothing can warm up a cold winter day like watching newly-single Ricky Martin twirl on a Miami balcony while shirtless. With a cup of cocoa, a motion sickness bag and this video in front of us, who needs a fire place or an end to the 439th snow storm of the year? 


Ugh, those tattoos. He's so much better looking without them.

Awesome Pics

I guess that if I were that handsome, I would show off a little too.   Ricky Martin is very attractive, but looks aren't everything.   In interviews he doesn't seem to be too cocky and self-involved...but that doesn't mean much either.   The video, in my opinion, just shows a "fun" version of Ricky trying to look sexy.    I don't think he realizes he doesn't have to do anything but smile.

He is damn fine!

Too bad, he's bi, and not in the good way either

gay man back on the marketnow posting the good available i see

A little up on his self ....Dont you think

hi how are u 

u are hot

love it!!!!

Ricky is one of the Hottest Latino men I have ever seen. Omg imagine a date with him, Sign me up..Contest. 

he is still a handsome man after all these years...oldie but & classy. OMG !!!

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