Ricky Martin Rocks A Speedo In New 'American Crime Story' Promo Photos

We still can't wait to see Ricky Martin when he appears in next year's anticipated FX series, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story!

That is, especially after checking out these new promo stills:


In case you needed a refresher, Martin will play Versace’s boyfriend Antonio D’Amico.

Previously, the singer-turned-actor spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his first on-screen sex scene.

He said:

"I thought I was going to be more uncomfortable.

"The exhibitionism kicked in for a moment and all of a sudden I was naked in bed in front of 20 people from the crew and another actor I met that same day."

ICYMI, click HERE to watch the new trailer for American Crime Story.

H/T: Queerty