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Ripped Male Models Get More Screentime In Extended Cut Of Leslie Jordan's Doritos Super Bowl Commercial

Half a minute was enough to whet our appetite for Thanksgiving early last week. But with the big binging holiday over, we can now make more room for the super-sized 1 minute and 11 second "extended cut" of the sexy Doritos Super Bowl ad contender featuring Leslie Jordan and two jaw dropping male models, Joel Rush and Nick Ayler!

Great job directing by John Lavin and producing from the Lane Twins! Head here to let the boys know by rating the commercial so that it makes the Super Bowl.




 Too bold indeed...why couldn't the models get bold with him?

wow. that was trash.

i had the great gift of seeing leslie jordon live years ago in a play off brodway called 'Hysterical Blindness.' He is truly a comic legend.

Love it!!

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