A RIPPED Nick Jonas Tosses A Salad In Fishy New Video!


Tossing something that smells fishy? Why Nick, all you had to do was ask! JK. JKJK. Nick Jonas could pretty much make a Popsicle stick frame while wearing a tank top and I'd find it enthralling, but now he's taking my dedication to being a thirst bucket to a new level by showing us how to make a simple tuna salad in a video posted to his Instagram Story!

Our little Rachael Slay explains the surprising yet welcomed demonstrating by letting us know that tuna is his favorite post-workout snack. And since Jonas works out twenty-four-hours a day, something tells me the boy knows what he's doing here.. 



While lesser people than myself might reduce Jonas to a piece of delectable grade-A man meat, I see the person behind the insanely sexy facade. The artist. The thinker. The jokester. The chef. The my future husband. The everything! He cheekily states while tossing the salad:

What you want to do is have that personal connection with your tuna. 

Yeah I'd like to have a personal connection with his tuna. I don't know what that means. Jonas adds:

I’m glad you’re on this journey with me.

Omg me too! Jonas is looking all kinds of adorable and ripped here, but even if you aren't into Jonas' looks, you have to love a man who isn't afraid to toss a fishy salad on camera. It's what we call husband material. Check out the hilarious video below!





Pretty sure anyone who watched that entire video wasn't really interested in how to make tuna fish salad.

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