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Rob Lowe Discusses His First Gay Kiss In New Memoir

Rob Lowe opens up regarding his first on-screen kiss with a man in an excerpt from his new memoir, Love Life

The lucky recipient? Californication star Evan Handler!


While describing the role in which Lowe plays, per his description, "delusional, drug-addled, pretentious, sexually carnivorous, Academy Award–winning movie star" Eddie Nero, Lowe writes:

I kissed a man recently, and with romantic intent.

I liked and admired him very much, and professionally he is as good as anyone in his field, but truth be told he isn’t conventionally attractive. In fact, he is not tall, lacks any hair whatsoever and is a bit older than anyone I would likely be interested in kissing, regardless of gender.

But I did it anyway, and not without the apprehension you would expect from someone completely new to that sort of thing. I wondered what my wife would think. Since I was being paid for it, I figured she’d be okay with it. And considering the circumstances, I took solace in knowing she wouldn’t be asking me, “How long has this been going on?” or “Do you love him?”

Before you start wondering if I’m having one of those sexual identity crises you hear about on daytime chat shows, relax. There are moments that arise in my profession that put you in unexpected and uncharted waters. For me, kissing Evan Handler as Eddie Nero on Californication was one of them.

It may have been Lowe's first gay on-screen kiss, but we're hoping it's not the hunk's last!


(H/T: NNNext)


What a bunch of perverted sickos..

Would love to kiss him

Wasn't Rob Lowe in a made-for-Lifetime movie about him and his (gay) friends going on strike to show the town how much they need their hairdressers, makeup artists, and florists? Was pretty good movie though. 

It was John Stamos from Full House and Mc steamy was in it.

As usual, as I was reading I could actually hear him saying the words . . . just like with the first book.  And again as usual, the story had a great punch-line ending!  Can't wait to read the rest!

He is one person who has aged very well and looks hotter as he grow older. Good Genes? 

Great Lifestyle? Has his own in house spa/gym, Peter his fitness coach, house chef, etc.



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