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Robbie Williams: "I'm A Straight Person Pretending To Be Gay"

It looks like Robbie Williams is finally ready to have some fun with the gay rumors.

It only took him eight years. Back in 2005, Robbie filed lawsuits against three publications that claimed he was gay (and won). 

Now, in 2013, Robbie has new album brandishing a cheeky title, Swings Both Ways, and is ready to laugh about the gay gossip while promoting it.

“There is a history of gay people pretending to be straight," he tells Australia's Daily Telegraph. "I want to balance the sides. I’m a straight person pretending to be gay. I’ve had a lot of people to imitate. It’s easy when you’re British, we’re camp by nature anyway.”

What do you think about Robbie's change of heart?




Robbie played up the gay rumors for years to win gay fans - but we all got a bit tired of it

I'm sorry, but how is this less insulting?  He reduces us to stereotypes and says that he's trying to "balance" the sides.  I didn't know that we gay men had an unfair advantage over heterosexual men.  Forgive me, but I've never had a straight guy ask me to help him pretend to be gay just so he could land a hot chick/great job/better something that he couldn't otherwise get simply because he's straight.  Mr. Williams please stop saying this stuff.  You are embarrassing straight people.

I could care less what this man does. He has never done anything I have been interested in.

This is news? Really? what  waste of "trade" flesh covered with ugly tattoos....

The list is long of the British singers who are huge everywhere in the world except for the United States. He's at the top of this list. Pity.

Too bad the publications can't counter-sue...

Dancers in gay bars are straight  and they pretend to be gay to get money I don't see the difference.

He's no Dame Edna. That is all.

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