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Robert Pattinson Confesses To (Really) Pleasuring Himself On Film: 'My Orgasm Face Is Recorded For Eternity'

Just in case you were wondering what Robert Pattinson's O-face looks like, you don't have to look any further than his 2008 film Little Ashes in which the Twilight star plays Salvador Dali.

It turns out Pattinson's gay love scenes weren't so fake...

EnStars reports on Pattinson's September chat with Germany's Interview magazine:

Pattinson said he masturbated for his love scene in 2008's Little Ashes because faking it "just doesn't work," he said. 

"So I pleasured myself in front of the camera," he said."My orgasm face is recorded for eternity."

"If you Google something about long enough you will know everything there is to know about me," Pattinson also said to Germany's Interview magazine, "what I eat, what my poop looks like, with whom I'm sleeping, even what I look like when I masturbate..."

After he filmed the sex scene in an indie film, Pattinson considered quitting acting.

"I once decided to quit acting; it was when I did Little Ashes," he explained. "I played Salvador Dali and had to do a lot of scenes where I was naked, and I also had to masturbate. I mean really. A couple of days later, I was given the offer to do Twilight."

He also said he an awkward moment during the filming of Little Ashes--another actor was in the nude around him and it made him feel uncomfortable.

"The Dali production was the worst, it was mortifying," Pattinson also confessed. "We were all hanging out by the pool, trying to loosen up. I was nervously clinging to the edge-and before I could turn around, the Spaniard was already naked."


Who knew Robert Pattinson was so Method?!

We're certainly impressed by his commitment to his craft and we think more actors should follow suit. 

We just want to see truth in these performances! Is that too much to ask? (Is Little Ashes on Netflix??)


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