Robyn & Röyksopp "Do It Again" On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'


If you were lucky enough to be on the West Coast over Pride Weekend, you likely went to or know someone who went to see Robyn and Röyksopp on the "Do It Again Tour." 

Missed out? Not to worry, the greatest exports Sweden has given the world (at least involving exports that don't come with confusing construction manuals) performed "Do It Again" on Jimmy Kimmel Live after a stop at the Hollywood Bowl. 

Full disclosure: given the current crop of Song of Summer contenders, my fingers and legs are crossed wishing "Do It Again" earns this year's honor. (Yes, I'm a biased lifelong Robyn fan, but the song is great, and when compared to the others vying for the title, it's relatively brilliant.) What do you think, Instincters? Do Robyn & Röyksopp have the Song of Summer 2014 on their hands?






whats the point of seeing a song live, if the artist just lip syncs.

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