Robyn Is Readying Release Of New Solo Album

Anyone who thought of "Do It Again," the Song Of Summer collaborative contender from Robyn & Royksopp was just an amuse-bouche might hear their stomachs grumble upon this news: Robyn's thisclose to completing her next solo album! The new release will be the first collection of solo material since the international pop icon's Body Talk trilogy in 2010. 

The Swedish export revealed the big news in a recent interview with Time, saying that several songs are "mixed and ready" thanks to producer Christian Falk, who sadly passed away two weeks ago. 

“Some of them are actually finished and mixed. I’ve been working on this EP with Markus Jagerstedt, who’s in my band, and a producer by the name of Christian Falk, who is this Swedish guy that I worked with for many years, since I was like 15 – we worked on my first album even."

“It’s going to be strange but very healing to finish the record without Christian."

No release date has been announced, but stay tuned to Instinct for the first word.