The Rock Hilariously Teases Paparazzi On Way To Gym

As of this morning, the winner of the coveted Down-To-Earth Award Regarding Sexy Celebrities And The Paparazzi is definitely a toss up between Hugh Jackman and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson! Jackman just sat down with Ellen to talk about the symbiotic relationship he has with the paps Down Under, and now we get a glimpse into what life with the paps is like for the real-life version of The Thing, The Rock! 

In a new Instagram video, the ageless forty-five-year-old can be seen rolling up to the gym to film a project for Under Armor, but when he notices a gaggle of paps ready and willing to take in every inch of his Rock-hard gym bod, he decides to have a little fun. He tells us that these thirst buckets have been camped out for Lord knows how long stewing in their own creamed corn over pure anticipation of witnessing what The Rock is cooking. While letting out a blissful belly laugh, The Rock backs up his car - instead of simply driving to where the paps are expecting him - thus making them think for a moment that they won't get their pics and the subsequent income that fuels their sad pleb lives. Stupid idiots! He captions the video:

Got em. Multiple cameras rolling to shoot me driving in, pullin’ in my parking spot, getting out of my truck, ready for action etc. Look at everyone turn to each other confused when I start backing up. Gotta f*ck with em and have some fun, before we get down to business.

The Rock's lethal guns are a-blazin' in this video, but the real hotness is the glimpse we get of his hilarious personality. Suddenly I'd like to be Under his Armor! Rite ladies! Ugh Mondays. Check out the video below! 



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