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'Rock & Roll Heaven' Reveals What Deceased Musical Legends Would Look Like Today

Regrettably some of our most iconic and influential musical talents died young and their youthful images are immortalized in our memory, but what if they were still with us today? What would they look like?

As described by My Modern Met:

Rock & Roll Heaven is a project by Sachs Media Group in collaboration with photo restoration and manipulation firm Phojoe that visualizes what some of the best musicians in history who passed away too soon might look like if they were still alive today. 



Take a look at some of our favorites:

Kurt Cobain (at 46 years old)

Bob Marley (at 68 years old)

Janis Joplin (at 70 years old)

John Lennon (at 73 years old)

Elvis Presley (at 78 years old)

Karen Carpenter (at 63 years old)

Jimi Hendrix (at 71 years old)

What do you think of these renderings, Instincters?

Any favorites?


(H/T: My Modern Met)


Karen Carpenter, & Jimmi Hendrix


Very realistic

No way, most of them where extreme drug addicts, if alive and if they where lucky they would all look more like Steven Tyler 

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