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Roland Emmerich On The Struggle To Get 'Stonewall' Movie Made

Check out the poster for director Roland Emmerich's feature film, Stonewall, centered around the 1969 riots at the Stonewall Inn in the fight for LGBT rights! 

Speaking on the struggle to get Stonewall made, Emmerich tells Vulture:

"It was an uphill battle, but we finally did it," said Emmerich, who was only able to get Stonewall made after he moved production from New York to Montreal — "We wanted to do it in New York on location, and that failed miserably because it was so expensive" — and slashed the budget to a meager fraction of what he typically can command on his bigger films.

The ensemble nature of Stonewall also proved to be a hurdle for Emmerich. "If you can cast a central character with one or two famous actors, you have a good chance to get the movie financed, but in my case, I knew there was not really one central character in the Stonewall riots," said the director. And while the film has a nominal point-of-view character in Danny (Jeremy Irvine), a young gay man kicked out of his family home who finds refuge with the street kids who congregate at the Stonewall Inn — all of whom face ongoing harassment that finally comes to a head during the riots — Emmerich insists that the diverse crowd that fought back at Stonewall won't simply be reduced to just one young, blond hunk. "I think we represented it very well," he said. "We have drag queens, lesbians, we have everything in the film because we wanted to portray a broader image of what 'gay' means."

Look for Stonewall in theaters on September 25. 



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