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Rose McGowan Hosts LGBT Party At Beverly Hills Hotel In Defiance Of Boycott

Actress Rose McGowan thinks that the boycott launched against hotels owned by the anti-gay Sultan of Brunei (Beverly Hills Hotel, Bel-Air Hotel) is missing the mark. Though supported by the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and a handful of other LGBT organizations, the boycott of the hotels does little to affect the Sharia Law put in place in Brunei and hurts employees of the hotels instead. 

"I want to assemble a group of men and women (and hopefully some adulteresses,) that would be stoned in Brunei but that will be welcome at the BH," Rose told HuffPo.

"Rose and I came up with the idea for this whole thing together,"Amanda Goodwin, a close friend of Rose who happens to be gay, said. "We were talking on Facebook about what was going on here, and we just thought, 'Wouldn't it be great if we got together some fabulous people, gay and straight, and responded to this hate with love instead of ignoring it?'"

"Listen," Goodwin continued, "I'm gay. I'm married to a woman. I hate what the sultan is doing to people in Brunei. But I don't think that responding to what he's doing with more hate is the answer. I really feel that way. I think it's great that we're here, being gay, sitting on his sofa. I really want to gay this place up.

In addition to many LGBT organizations supporting the boycott of the Sultan's properties, a host of celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Leno, Stephen Fry and Richard Branson have thrown their gilded weight behind the protest. What do you think about Rose McGowan's decision to defy it?



One blogger insisted that the songbird “is gay and has had a girlfriend for years. Levine having lunch yesterday at The Grill on the Alley in Beverly Hills. Rose McGowan says she personally witnessed a knockout game attack to perform and host a party at the Miami hotel and checked in Monday. thanks for <a href="">condor brooklyn hotel</a> who was satiesfied us. thanks a lot again..

So super neato!  And they can have it catered by chic fil a, and rick warren can give a blessing, and they should invite westboro baptist, cuz love is not hate.  Throwing money at someone who is instituting sharia law is just plain stupid.  The employees knew who they were working for, everything beyond that is up to them.  He needs to have his finances cut off along with some other unmentionables.  You don't fight hate by giving hateful people money, folks.  You cut them off.

I think we need both kinds of protest.   It's all about visibility and voice.   Both the boycott and the anti-boycott contintue to hit the mark.... to shine a light in dark depravity that is Brunei.  

I say we make this the ending point (finish line) of the Pride Parades this year, and  overflow his hotels with extraordinary happy people who celebrate life, respect and love for one another, in each and every one of his properties around the world.  We must teach the world a little about love and respect.

Great idea

Make it the GAYEST Hotel in the world! Turn his own people against him! 

i think she's great! more power to her.

She and her friends are doomed.

I think it's a great idea! Even the smallest stone can make many ripples.

I think she's an idiot...

She is on our side and does something like this to help. Why is she an idiot? You got issues. Bad attitude and probably a small dick and hasn't been laid in years.

The same can be said for you as well Frank.

When Prince Williams consort, Kate seeks into a wedding at The Dorchester in London, the message is clear. Some unknown actress is just silly nonsense babble. Ha. 

You're an ass. She is not unknown.

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