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Rose McGowan Turns Herself Into The Police!

Rose McGowan Turns Herself Into The Police!

Is This Revenge From Harvey Weinstein?!

Alright, I am more than suspicious right now. There is too much tom foolery going on with Planet Terror star, Rose McGowan. Ever since she fueled the fire that would put Harvey Weinstein under, it appears she’s been trying to get spooked by something. A month ago, we reported that McGowan’s Twitter was randomly suspended. She was quick to call that there are other forces at work attempting to silence her. If you take just a small glance at McGowan’s Twitter feed, you will see her standing up for herself and sex assault victims. She is slick and sharp with her words, she isn’t holding back. Which may be the very reason that the men in black are trying to silence her.

Recently, McGowan even tweeted that she is trying to “smoke” infamous Director, Bryan Singer. She is coming for blood for all of the alleged Hollywood predators. She’s started the hashtag, #RoseArmy for those who are united with her statements.


Now, it appears the #RoseArmy is losing their captain. According to New York Daily News, a warrant was issued for McGowan’s arrest surrounding possession of a controlled substance (cocaine) in Virginia. Items taken from her personal belongings had traces of cocaine on them. She immediately spoke up:


“Are they trying to silence me? What a load of HORSES—T.”

She’s not going down just yet. Apparently, McGowan was released on an unsecure bond of $5K.

We’re with you, Rose! Don’t give up your fight! You will be forever remembered for your talent and voice for those who have never been able to speak. #RoseArmy


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