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Rosie O'Donnell Reveals Massive Weight Loss On Twitter

Rosie O'Donnell has been hard at work since Oprah pulled the plug on her talk show, it seems. Aside from making us roll over with comebacks to the Donald, the LGBT-community treasure has apparently been working the f out. Rosie revealed the shocking weight loss results of her new regimen on Twitter today:

Congratulations, Rosie! Looking fabulous.


LOVE ROSIE !! (No matter what weight she is.)

Rosie - you flopped on Oprah Network  - go home - your 15 minutes are way up--ring ring  - Commack Calling

Congrats.....I was at a taping of your show and you gave everyone milk and snacks before you came out on stage. I remember how much you used to talk about this had to be very hard to do. Way to go!

EXCELLENT!!!!!  Looking great RO! 

CONGRATULATIONS!  You are awesome!  Way to go! XO

wow congrats Rosie keep up the awesome work

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