Rosie O'Donnell Will Return To The View!

Get the DVRs ready!

In the wake of two major departures and a gnarly controversy sparked by co-host Sherri Shepherd's comments about homosexuality, producers of The View have announced that Rosie O'Donnell is returning to the show for the first time since her tumultuous exit.

The special one-off (for now) appearance is slated for February 7, as announced on Monday.

It seems that time (seven years, to be exact) has healed Barbara Walters wounds. Walters now says that she adores O'Donnell, and appreciates her abilities as an engaging panelist. During the infamous exit, however, Walters lashed out at O'Donnell for the way "she dumped on the show."

Are you excited for Rosie's return to daytime?

(Via HuffPo)