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Rowan University Students Build Giant Penis Snow Sculpture

The students at Rowan University in New Jersey certainly have an eye for detail!

After being pounded by snow a group of female students let out their creative frustrations on a very anatomically correct erect penis snow sculpture.

We'll just presume that one of them is pre-med. We're sure that's it!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind via BroBible)


It's true. It's not "anatomically correct" that's bs.  

Maybe they are Jewish.  Did anyone ever consider that?

Good thing a cut penis looks better than an uncut one.. * grabbing my popcorn now*

Wow.  Great job, except they made a penis that appears to have never had a frenulum or prepuce, so, actually, it Is Not anatomically correct for a Normal penis.  It must be a birth defect, yah, since it lacks any surgical scar from prepuce and frenulum amputation.

It would have been funny if they had run a hose up the middle and pumped some liquid out the top, LOL

Isn't this just a case of girls having fun?  Lighten up, people!

Shame it's a copy of a mutilated penis.

Well sure hope these morons aren't pre-med because they are ignorant to human anatomy as they actually sculpted a SURGICALLY ALTERED PENIS!  All mammals are born with foreskins, humans are just the only idiots that think it's a disease causing defect!!

It looks like the same person posting over and over, with a different name. Who cares!

Circumcision is sick and violent... baby's don't consent to having a Dr or motel stimulate aka masturbatory his pens into election and then start ripping it apart and crushing it for 10 minutes to cut off circulation before ripping it apart... where are his rights to freedom of religion?? To make his own choice?? Rights to his body??? It does not cure anything!! They still can get aids and uti's ... Also intact men have 2 different types of orgasms... they can orgasm without ejaculation.. circumcised men need to ejaculate every time and still sometimes they ejaculate without orgasms because of how jacked up circumcision left them and the loss of feeling from losing nerves and becoming dried out and calloused. .. Stop forced routine infant circumcision! !!

Why is everyone hating?  Geez people.  It's just something they made out of snow. They're not telling everyone to get circumsized. Aren't there more important things to get upset about in this world? Besides that - it was the author of this piece that called it anatomically correct. The students were having a little fun. Get a grip!

You folks are making such a big deal over circumcised versus uncircumcised. I just find it strange that three women sculpted this. Obviously this is in the USA or it could be in Israel although Israel doesn't have that much snow i don't think. It has some but nothing like the snow in this photo. Muslims I believe circumcise their young as well as Jews and Americans. These girls have probably never in their lives seen an uncircumcised penis. So to them it is as correct as they can garnish. Some people have to much time on their hands like these women, especially those fools that want to argue and start a war over whether the snow dick is correct anatomically or not. I am so glad it  did not take them as long as it did for them to complete it because my ass was freezing out there.

Thank you.

Its a freakin snow dick, not a political statement.  LOL losers

I see they even made sure it has no frenulum. Because to be "anatomically correct" in the USA all the erogenous nerves must be amputated. All of them.

It's so sad that these young women who have made it to college and have no idea what a penis is suppose to look like nor does the author of the article. All mammals have a foreskin male or female. In most of the rest of the world people would not even recognize this as a human male penis!

That penis is only anatomically correct in the US and to bimbos!!! The rest of the world knows an anatomically correct penis has foreskin!
Looks like many of you are due for an anatomy lesson!

Too bad it's the model of a surgically altered NOT anatomically correct penis. It's missing the foreskin. 

Ummmmmmmm......a lot of us LIKE circumcised penis! So...NICE JOB!!!!!

Yup, and we refer to you as bimbos!

Whether you like cut or not doesn't change the fact that this penis is NOT anatomically correct!

That is NOT anatomically correct. That is a penis that has undergone cosmetic surgery to remove the foreskin. If this is an erect intact penis, the foreskin would be below the head and seen. 

If this is a medical student, it shows how Americans have no clue what is a real normal penis. 

Gross! Anatomically correct its not..if one or all are pre med you ladies better crack a f'ing text book and realize a penis is supposed to have foreskin...morons

Where's the foreskin?   Not anatomically correct AT ALL!  IF one of these people is in med school I weep for the state of medicine.

"Anatomically correct"?

Looks like a tightly-circumcised penis, which is far from "anatomically correct".

It's not anatomically correct. An anatomically correct penis still has a foreskin. 


Also "Like" button for you.

Thank you! I was just going to ask: WHY does it have to be circumcised?! I can't fucking stand it. It's not the way that makes are born! They're mutilated and then told to be grateful about it. #i2

Thank you Brandon! :]

LMAO , good job i'd rub on it as well . 

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