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Ru & Oprah Sit Down For A Chat. Of Course We Are Going To Watch!

What the heck would Ru Paul and Oprah Winfrey talk about?  We'd expect they would solve world peace, end bullying, war, and camel toe forever.  But no, they talked about closets, cloSETS CLOSETS!

I smiled when I saw these two powerhouses of modern day society in the same room and definitely wanted to know what they were talkin 'bout.


RuPaul serves up serious AND funny, talking about his colorful life in and out of drag. NEW SuperSoul Conversation!

The discussion lasted for over 45 minutes, but I had a grin on during the whole time.

Some of the topics mentioned were:

  • how to get dressed when your face is all done
  • how we are treated differently depending on how we are dressed / dress for success
  • how everyone's stories are all the same.
  • we're all born naked and the rest is drag / we are spiritual beings having a human experience
  • Ru's a fan of Monty Python

And that was in the first 8 minutes.

We all enjoy people that are real.  We know those people that, when they talk, it sounds like everything was planned and said because there is some motive or plan involved.  These two icons are truly enjoyed for they are real, they seem real.  They may be out of reach of us all, but they are some of the more down to earth stars we know.

Oprah did as the question to mama Ru, "How do you flow from one to the other," speaking about being in drag and being dressed as a man.

Ru responded, "This is very easy.  Are you getting paid or are you not getting paid ... if I never did drag again, I would be okay, fine."




We loved the response about what winning the Emmy meant to Ru Paul.  If there was a seeking out of acceptance from the status quo, it would have meant more to Ru, but if Ru looked for that approval to survive and move forward, he would not have made it this far, this long.

32:43 I’ve got to watch this from the beginning. Very classy how RuPaul politely rephrased Oprah’s question when she asked how does he think drag can help “regular people.” RuPaul said, “I think it can help every day people…”

Some of our other head nodding moments:

  • "Baby, that had nothing to do with you" - priceless
  • Only Ru can relate watching Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote to protecting your heart.
  • "Let those people that are shut down, let them be."

What were your favorite moments of the Ru/O chat?

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