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Ru Paul's Drag Race Winner Sasha Velour Gives Harsh Read Of Valentina But We Knew How She Felt Already, NO?

One of the most entertaining nights of television I have seen in a long time was due to Sasha Velour killing it on Ru Paul's Drag Race and taking the crown, scepter, our breath, and our hearts last Friday night.  If you missed any of her lip syncs, I'm going to share them here and you better believe I don't mind watching them again. 

Before we get to the first one of Sasha Velour's epic lip sync wins, let's mention a little bit about Valentina.  She was called out on the reunion episode because her fans were being a little childish and hateful to the other queens.  So as an olive branch-esque gesture, Valentina asked her fans to throw red roses onto the fellow drag queens social media pages.



Hmmm, red roses, red roses.  Where did we see those? Oh yes.  Sasha Velour's first lip sync of the night.  The red roses, excuse me, the forceful plucking and destruction of one red rose, and the discarding of many red rose petals were the big reveals and excitement of Sasha's "crazy" interpretation of "So Emotional."  I have watched this clip more times than I can remember (just watched it again twice), and I will say, I called the hair/rose part and I have witnesses. 



Sasha, AMAZING!  Perfect!  Whitney would have been proud!  Do you think that was a nod to the craziness of the roses from Valentina?  Let us know Sasha Velour. 

Then there is the second lip sync Sasha performed in, which was a more clear dig at Valentina's inability to perform when asked to.  And this is where all the hate was coming from. If you missed the shocking non-performance of the fan favorite, Miss Congeniality, most everyone's pick to be in the final, here is where Valentina gave up.



"Take that thing off of your mouth."  Momma Ru!  Chills. 

Did Sasha Velour send another dig toward Valentina for her second lip sync of the night?  Well the mouth reveal was there ... and  the pulling off of the skull plates?  Didn't most of us want to do that when we witnessed Valentina basically throw her chance away because she did not know the words?

Sasha, it was amazing.



Now, it's a lot to say that Sasha Velour based her lip sync battle material around a reading of Valentina for all of us to see.  Would she be so coy, cunning, and what's that other "c" word? We know Miss Velour has the brains to think up such things as well as not make it too cerebral for all of us to overlook. 

But if her lip sync read of Valentina was too "masked" for you to see, here is footage of Sasha at a recent appearance reading Valentina.



TRANSCRIPTION found on quinteban

-Drag queen: "Valentina is the Selena of drag"
  Sasha: and might have THE SAME FATE

-Valentina, her face is beautiful... BOTH OF THEM

-Valentina picture herself as a princess and just like a princess HER KINGDOM IS FULL OF TROLLS

-The thing that I love about Valentina is that behind her drag is something more beautiful: HER BOYFRIEND's CREDIT CARD

Now was that so bad?  Apparently Sasha was asked to read a queen and it appears, for some reason, she had enough good material on Valentina and went for it.

What do you think?

Did Sasha Velour's finale performances feed off of her disgust with Valentina phoning the lip sync in and throwing the competition away?

Is there more than just the failure at lip syncing that SV is mad at V about?

Or is it just a coincidence about the red roses?

Whatever the answers, we just want to reiterate, we love Sasha Velour and always have.