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A Rugby Player Meets a Prince in a Locker Room in Only a Speedo

Nope, this is not the latest porn scene to show up on your computer folks.  This is a real life story about how a prince met a major rugby player who was only wearing a pair of speedos upon their first interaction.

The prince in this situation is Prince William, whose younger brother Harry has been making the media rounds this week due to his high-profile engagement to Suits actress Meghan Markle.

Nevertheless, the Duke of Cambridge met Australian rugby player (and all around cutie) Kurtley Beale during a match between the latter's country and Wales.  

When Prince William met up with him in the locker room, he was wearing nothing the undies and a smile.  William's smile on the other hand is absolutely hilarious and makes for one great photo.



When you rock up to the party feeling a little over dressed

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Kurtley's reason for the ensemble?  “I just came from the recovery room — our recovery ice baths — and I love playing in my budgie smugglers. They were the last things that I was wearing. I just happened to be taking it easy.”

Looks good to us!