Rugby Stud Gets Speedo-Clad Ice Bath From Teammates

While we've got no interest in taking an ice bath, we might make an exception if it means Australian rugby player Josh Mansour is there to warm us up! 

According to Towleroad, Josh lost some sort of challenge and paid for it with a speedo clad ice bath delivered by his teammates! 

Have we mentioned that we love rugby?? Watch!


(H/T: Towleroad)


No one's mentioning that he pinched his nipples!   hee heee

hot bear cold tub bear winner!!

Nice bear...Great ass...he looks like a fun person to be with as well,'s what I call a nice undie (as in underwear), definitely not a Speedo! Tom Daley wears Speedo-type swimmers...

Nice beard

Nelly Queen? Is that supposed to be bad?  I don't get the dehumanizing of people these days.

He Screams Like a Nellie Queen

Let's pour ice water on you and see what kind of sound comes out of you!!

He's versatile...

he plays fullback, wing centre or five eights

Monuments should be erected in praise to that ass of his!

That thing looks amazing!

Loving those guys! Absolutely gorgeous!

He is delicious!

Good Move Buddy , to Man Up!!! Good job Buddy!!

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