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Rugby Stud Paul Doran-Jones Strips Down, Encourages Gay Athletes To Come Out

​Harlequins rugby stud and LGBT ally Paul Doran-Jones strips down for the pages of Attitude magazine in the UK and encourages gay athletes to come out. 

Paul, who's a father to a ten-month old baby with his girlfriend of four years, tells Attitude (via The Daily Mail):

"Of course there are loads of gay guys in sport and when they are ready they will come out knowing it's all accepted. 

"We live in a world where most people don't care that people are gay, that they are party of society."

However, Doran-Jones does admit that rugby players may find it easier to come out than footballers.

He added: "I think rugby players are pretty open minded actually. Gareth (Thomas) was brave because no one had done it before but having come out he has thrived and he is happy. 

"He's an amazing example about getting out, not hide it and enjoy it, embrace."

Thank goodness for allies! Especially allies like Paul...

His issue of Attitude is on sale on UK news stands on April 30!



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Idiotic? Yeah, someone standing up for gay people when he doesn't have to do shit for us is idiotic. Plus stripping down to give a peek as well? I like him even if he didn't pose.

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