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RuPaul & Lady Gaga Perform 'Fashion' On Thanksgiving Special

Add this to the list of things we're grateful for! 

This 'Fashion' duet between RuPaul and Lady Gaga during last night's Muppets Thanksgiving special was the only thing that could awaken us from our tryptophan coma!


Yep. We're thankful for them both.

Hopefully ABC is in a giving mood and doesn't yank the video!


Image Source (Video H/T: Joe.My.God.)


I love Lady Gaga. She is famous for her unique fashion sense and there are many girls who follow her fashion sense.


RuPaul is sooooooo outshining Gaga !!

Was that a condom on Gaga's head??

i loved the video now america will see what gays can do if treated fairly.

uh, a little weird and the outfits were terrible...   lady gaga didn't move anywhere...  over all a blah video..  i hope ABC does not pull the video from broadcast...   they need more pro-gay videos like Modern Family...!!

I am sorry for saying this , but that was horrid.

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