RuPaul Played An Emmy Statue, Brought To Life

Why just snatch trophies when you can BE one!

The mother to us all, RuPaul embodied an Emmy statue brought to life, last night for the 2017 Emmy awards show telecast.

More from The Hollywood Reporter:

Sitting down with host Stephen Colbert, RuPaul dished on what it's like to a be a coveted Hollywood award and the relationship with other awards.

"Do you like Oscar?" Colbert asked.

"He’s cute," responded RuPaul's Emmy. "We actually dated for a little while. I had to break it off, I just couldn’t date a man who’s naked all the time holding a sword." 

RuPaul also offered advice on how to accept the award: "If you win: own it, share it, love it. When you get up on that stage don’t say you’re surprised how heavy I am, that’s just plain rude."



Stunning in the sparkling gown, RuPaul also looked dapper in a suit!

Here he is, accompanied by Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, Ross Matthews, and the rest of his Drag Race/World of Wonder posse: