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RuPaul Is "Ready For" U.K. Version Of Drag Race

There have been rumors about the United Kingdom getting its own RuPaul's Drag Race, rumors that Michelle Visage and Ru herself confirmed on the latest podcast of "What's The Tee?" Jonathan Ross, a huge celebrity Across the Pond, has apparently bought rights to the franchise, which Ru and Michelle confirmed on the broadcast. 

"Jonathan Ross has bought the UK rights to RuPaul's Drag Race and apparently he's going to do it with another group of people," RuPaul said, "if it comes to fruition!" 

Michelle corrected Ru with details that filtered out from her recent lunch with Jonathan:

"He’s a huge fan of the show and he believes what I believe- that people want you. The people don’t want another drag queen, 100%. And when I told him that you were down to do it, he was like 'What?! This changes everything. Absolutely!'

"This is the way it’s supposed to be. There’s a huge following that they don’t want anybody else- they want Ru. And then the third person would be that Brit who would tie it all together. You. Me. Third Brit."

RuPaul was on board with the idea. “Let’s do it! I’m ready for it."

Jonathan is apparently pitching the U.K. version of the hit reality show to interested networks. 

Any nominations for the "Third Brit," Instincters? Fingers crossed on my end for Jodie Harsh or someone from the Ab Fab monarchy. 

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I always felt Santino was a silly choice, surely the 3rd judge should be someone who works in the club scene/ promotion scene, someone who books acts and sees how they will work in the industry! My first choice would be Lily Savage but i think for health reason she wont, Dusty O would be superb. I just hope it isnt years before this gets off the ground

Typical old, ugly drag queen. With FULL BLOWN AIDS! Just look at his sunken face without makeup.

Lilly savage or Jennifer Saunders 

I just want to know..... When will it air, and will we be able to watch here in the US?

Rupaul CLEARLY has AIDS, as his face is so sunken and just plain unhealthy looking.

Broke old sick nigger.

Keyboard warrior hiding behind an anonymous profile, why dont you ditch your hate, you have some serious issues going on,

Like Ru says at the end of every show "If you cant love yourself, how in the hell can you love somebody else"

The Divine David!!  The Divine David!! The Divine David!!

The designer, Fameed Khalique, would add a debonair and wry touch to the panel!

I think it should be are very own kelly osbourne she loves drag queens

Dusty O, Julian McDonald, Graham Norton?

no way...none of those cheap bitches!

YES! I vote for Jenifer Saunders as the "third Brit"!

Dusty O., Lily Savage or Gok Wan!

Gordon Ramsey

Jackie Collins

Boy George or Graham Norton

The legendary LILY SAVAGE!! 

Alan Carr or Paul O'Grady

The only person who can do justice is DUSTY O. She looks immaculate, has the experience to be judge of other drag queens, and man, she can TALK. No other queen can do this particular part. 

She's a hot mess! Immaculate??? She looks like a panto dame! Zero class.

Hands down Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley!!!



Ohww...and Joanna Lumley off course!!!

Graham Norton

You need a fashion representative - Jean Paul Gauliter would be good, but then you wouldn't have anyone British. You need a sensible (ish), male fashion designer / stylist - Santino balances out Michelle and Ru whilst keeping it pretty light still.

What about Gok Wan?

Spike Rhodes would be great Judge, both his theatrical experiences well as his history of being a drag performer as well as writing and directing drag shows for decades would bring his wide insight of the drag world into play and he great judge on Drag Idol.

Dusty O from TVs 'Drag Queens of London' and Madame Jojo's 'Trannyshack' and 'Tranny Academy' would be perfect for this job!

Katie Price!

The fabulous La Voix would be a very wise choice and an asset to the judging panel. La Voix is a polished entertainer who knows the drag business inside out.

Elton John would be awesome. 

La voix she's a brilliant entertainer an will be perfect for the job  

Eddie Izzard!

YES! It's about time Ru got a UK show!  Third judge should be someone like Paul O'Grady (AKA Lily Savage), Alan Carr, Gok Wan or Graham Norton.

I just hope Ru doesn't insist on doing a 'British' accent all the time

Ceri Dupree as third judge

La Voix to be a judge for sure!! x

La voix frim britains got talent, shes amazing and a great entertainee!!

This would be great!!! You should get someone from Priscilla Queen of The Desert in The West End or Tour for the third judge!!!!

La Voix. Fantastic artist, semi finalist on BGT, and she totally rocked the stage in Trafalgar Square for Pride London 2014!!!!

You NEED La Voix on that show!! She is AMAZING! Xxx

La Voix would be an excellent choice!

boy george and lilly savage

Dusty O from Madame Jojos was made for the role

La Voix! London's finest; drag idol winner; BGT semi finalist; witty as all hell.....and owes me money! But seriously, La Voix would be awesome.


LA VOIX IS THE BEST DRAG ARTIST. she reached semi finals of Britains got talent. Won best drag act London award, won drag idol and is pitched for 2015 Eurovision. PLEASE Use La Voix! 


To match the same talent base of the US, you need a fashion designer to talk about the clothes. Giles Deacon, Henry Holland or Jonathan Saunders would fit the bill.

Graham Norton would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Not to mention hilarious :)

Princess Fergie, Elton John, Madonna, Tara Palmer-Tompkins.

Boy George!!

I think that Alan Carr would be absolutely the right one for the job. I love his show in the UK "Chatty Man" !

Bring it on...!!!!!!  Ru!!!! U deserve to be watch arund the world... & Kelly Osborne will be a great judge...

George Micheal, he has worked with models, he is British, and a representative of the gay community.

In the words of Gia Gunt, ABSOLUTELY

Mathu Anderson! RuPauls Makeup Artist! He really is RuPaul not, the personality but the look!

Kelly Osbourne would be amazing!

I agree with Dame Edna, because it would be awesome to have an older generations perspective, besides, chick is hella funny and Lady Bunny. 

Dame Edna is Australian, you want a British representative 

RAJA, RAVEN, JUJUBEE, LATRICE ROYALE would make great judges

Rupaul is the bomb!!

Dame Edna!

@ Anonymous: What a hateful and just plain untrue comment that was. Grow up. It's 2014 hatred and racism are SO last century. Go Ru! 

I would Love Dusty O as the third Judge 

Pete Burns!!!!

Rupaul is sooo DAWG UGLY!! That sunken nigger face. He must have AIDS!

Don't be jealous of her boogie...


I thought Elton John was a spice girl lol

nah he'd be great and hilarious at the same time

Dusty from Madame Jojos would be perfect!


RuPaul would have BLAST in the UK! I would say one of the owners of Trannyshack should be the third Judge. I recently got to see Drag Queens of London and the owners seem spot on what it takes to be professional Drag Queen performer.

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