RuPaul Responds To Claim That Logo Is 'Distancing' Itself From Him

RuPaul opened the library this weekend in response to a BuzzFeed post that led with the headline: "Logo TV Distances Itself From RuPaul For Defending Use Of Anti-Transgender Slur" and included the following statement from Logo with regards to Ru's comments on the "tranny" controversy:

“These comments did not come from Logo. We are committed to supporting the entire LGBT community and will not feature any anti-trans rhetoric on our shows.”

Well, let's just say Ru is reading! He tweeted in response:

Read. For. Filth.

Elaborating on the use of the word "tranny," Ru tweeted:

What's your reaction to RuPaul's comments, Instincters?


I think it's ridiculous that anyone would be offended by what Ru says especially when he is one of our leaders in the gay rights movement. Whoever was offended by the use of the term obviously does not support Ru Paul and is not familiar with todays "gay lingo". You cant please everyone and there will always be someone out there trying to make a buck.

RuPaul has been more of a beacon for the LGBT community than any other celebrity. There's no way she meant any disrespect.  There's a time and place for people to be offended, this is not that time nor place.  Lighten up and have a sense of humor!

LOL! Beacon, to the gay wtf?! When, how, where, why and who the fuck is Rupaul! You must still be young or HIV/STD positive or you wouldn't lauding that homophobic and nasty perv!

What happened to teaching people that sticks and stones may break our bones but names will never hurt me? how can we as a nation claim to have freedom of speechwhen nobody say anything. there are way bigger problems we could be dealing with, rather than concentrating on who said what

It cracks me up that people are up in arms about the word 'tranny' and attacking Rupual who has made a difference in the LGBT community.  Oddly enough no-one is upset about the thousands of gay men walking around in t-shirts with 'truvadawhore' printed across their chest and who proudly boosting on their profiles that are on PrEP!  

That is one of the most ignorant comments I've read or heard in a long time.  Given that PrEP is more effective at preventing the contraction of HIV (90-99% effective depending on which study one uses), how can you think you can demean those on PrEP.  If you are talking about who is more responsible in preventing the contraction of HIV, condom users or those on PrEP, it is clear that those on PrEP are doing more to prevent the contraction of HIV simply because PrEP is more effective than a condom in dealing with HIV contraction.  If there were an out right cure that was discovered, your kind of thinking would be to tell a person to not use the cure because to do so would render that person a slut.  Your thinking is backward, gurlfriend.

okay first of all you need to do your research before you make comments the pill is 99.9% effective in people who are HIV negative I know this because I'm HIV positive and I know everything there is to know about it its been a worldwide case study for 15 years every person who is taking it is negativeit was actually developed as an antiviral but they started doing case studies and it's not like you're it's more of a vaccine and it only works in people who are naked you have to take one pill for the rest of your life everyday there are absolutely no side effects and it does work they did the house in the people in over 15 years and every one of them were still negative they took her white blood cells from there body put them in a petri dish introduced a virus to it and a virus did not attack in any of the cases so please do your research before you make an ignorant comment

Can you please make you point in english; maybe with a little punctuation so one can be certain of what you are trying to say.  BTW - I know a lot about this too, as I'm positive too... and I take Truvada, not as PrEP but as an anti-retrovirol.

First, it sounds like you are making the same case that I am.... that PrEP is effective if you are saying "they took her white blood cells from there body put them in a petri dish introduced a virus to it and a virus did not attack in any of the cases".  Second, there couldn't have been a 15 year study because Truvada (PrEP) has only been on the market since 2004.  Third, I never said it was 99.9% effective. I said it was 90-99% effective depending on what study you used.  Fourth, you say "it only works in people who are naked".  To this I just have to LOL.  So, it seems like you are the one making ignorant statements.

Anyone who considers Rupaul Homophobic needs to have a seat in every seat in Yankee Stadium.  I kills me that we as a gay community have started fighting with each other.  We have enough to deal with as a minority in the world.  This is just some bullshit that individuals with nothing better to do have conjured up to create a problem.  The word tranny has not done anything to the gay community, pretentious pricks who judge each other for their fashion, body types, status etc.  How about we fix that and the way those things are looked upon in "our community". 



LOGO is a Television NETWORK they make money from the SPONSORS not the shows ... GET THAT CORRECT !!!!! Its become a disappointment that everytime I tune into LOGO is another fucken RERUN of the same damn thing ... I PAY EXTRA FOR THIS CHANNEL Only to find another thing of the Same shit Different Day ... It don't cost much to switch on a RERUN TAPE RECORDING so as far as paying the LIGHT BILL the SPONSORS do that ... WHY FEED INTO THE SAME STEREOTYPE NOT EVERYONE IS A BLAZE WHERE IT CAN SET A FOREST FIRE ... I WANT TO SEE SOME NORMALITY WITH GAY PEOPLE NOT RAGING FLAMERS ... THAT IS ONLY A SMALL PERCENTAGE OF THE LGBT COMMUNITY AND I'M CERTAIN PEOPLE ARE SICK OF SEEING THE SAME BULLSHIT ALL THE TIME ... THAT STEREOTYPE IS MORE OFFENSIVE

You are only half right there. Sponsors do right the checks but they right much bigger checks to have their spots on a show that draws viewers, like Drag Race than they do for a rerun!

I totally agree with you but we're not in charge and cannot make the changes you suggested even though there should be a greater group like ourselves that should boycott and protest Logo till those suggested changes are made

I don't understand why Ru's so angry. If Ru does mean to come from a place of love, and realizes that she hurt so many people, wouldn't she want to apologize? She said something hurtful, completely by accident without meaning to be hurtful is my belief, and now she's making it actually bad and making it purposefully hurtful by attacking the community itself and telling people to stop being so sensitive. People should hold one another up and be supportive, not tell each other to stop being such cry babies and get over themselves.

I agree, but Rupaul is a self-hating sleazy queen. He's trying to make it look like it's our fault that he's homophobic. 

Do you ever know what in the fuck you are talking about?  It must be absolutely exhausting to be this wrong all the time.

Preach, Mama Ru!! How very dare Logo. They would be NOTHING-- I repeat, NOTHING without Drag Race. And the fact that they are distancing themselves most famous Drag Queen in the world?! Not only is that stupid, it shows your lack of commitment and a lack of follow-thru to your purveyors, sponsors, viewers and audience by not even working thru your problem. You will lose money, but you could have turned it into an educational opportunity. Here's my two cents: Feature Ru in a PSA or a mini-series asking some questions about and to people with different gender-identifications. I would venture and guess a lot of people still don't know what is going on with all the changing terms, what to call friends, coworkers, or family- maybe they're too scared to ask, or know to ask. The point is branching out from the norm and crossing those boundaries that haven't been crossed. My honest personal opinion lies with Ru. Of all the people in the world calling us all the things that are much worse, when people are getting killed in other countries for being a part of OUR FAMILY- attacking a member of our own community- who has paved the way and stood by our side, has been saying this for 20+ years, written a song about it,and says something of the like every new episode on TV- all of a sudden everyone is offended? You hoes haven't said anything for the past 6 seasons of your favorite show- or when Ru had her talk show. You've had 20 years to speak. All you hoes can have several seats.

I luv you ru!!! Your the you open doors for many people.if it's gender,race, sexual prefrence. To dress like a woman and own it. Your a icon! Your truly a icon.

Everyone knows a Tranny, it is not a trans-gender slur. It is a term used to describe a gender neutral who is fierce feminine but without the transformation, i.e. a pretty punk. I am team Ru all the way!!!!!

I love and will continue to watch and be moved by RuPaul and drag race. I totally respect his right to use whatever language he wishes. I am not a huge Carmen Carrera fan, but love Monica Beverley Hillz, and transgendered people have every right to speak out against language they find objectionable. The truth is trans* folks do not enjoy equity of power and leadership in the movement and face marginalization from mainstream society and within the LGBTIQ community. That reality seems largely ignored on this thread. The schism undermines our strength and solidarity and should be carefully, rationally analyzed.


I stand with Mama Ru on this one. She hasn't come this far in her career for nothing. I've been a fan since before "The RuPaul Show" on VH1. I do not think for one iota of a second that Ru was trying to be derogatory in any way. They used the term "She-Mail" for SIX seasons and it was never a problem before now. Carmen Carrera has bitten the hand that fed her and now all this backlash at Ru is ridiculous. If Logo is all that concerned about it, then they'd better start cranking out all the old series because if they ditch Ru, it's pretty much curtains for them. Ru is the best thing on the network.

When did Tranny become "Anti-Transgender Slur"? It seems like the people who are making a fuss about this word are the ones giving it it's power. I have heard many of my trans friends call themselves and each other Tranny. I thought it was the same as saying queer...but the way people are attacking Ru you would think he ran around saying faggot or something worse. I get people want to be respected for who they are but I think we as a community have bigger fish to fry. Ru Paul has done so much for the trans community including bringing it the mainstream, introducing and exposing people to a community they probably would never have know about had it not been for Drag Race. Of all people do they really think Ru Paul is trying to attack or degrade trans people? Come on people is it really wise to attach our allies?

Yep, he's still a sleazy, low-life, self-hating queen!

LOL bitter & jaded much? Baby quit looking in the mirror when u say these things. If u cant love yourself.. how in the hell u gonna love somebody else.. can I get a f**k this hater!?

Lol!! Pervs calling me bitter & jaded! I'm a college grad, hard- working, HIV-negative, proud sexually active gay man, among other notable things! What you got, losers lol?!!

Lol!! Pervs calling me bitter & jaded! I'm a college grad, hard- working, HIV-negative, proud sexually active gay man, among other notable things! What you got, losers lol?!!

FUCK THIS HATER..................

but seriously, Ru, self loathing.... not in the slightest, i bet calvin is fat and ugly

I bet your mama is too, LOL!!

The things people worry about.

So you're upset about RuPauls Drag Race being catty and vile?? By all means let's turn to the more family wholesome shoes where men and women kiss, backstabbing and have sex with total strangers in the bid to find a partner! Or maybe put yourself in a house where everyone is out to get you to win a dollar prize!

"Tranny was invented as a term of affection between those of us who wished to live outside the gender binary system."
-MX Justin Bond, tranny artist & pioneer

"The word tranny has its origins within trans culture and from people who themselves identified in some way as trans, or were the allies of trans people. These were the people who fought the real battles, who came out of the closet. They stood on the side of tolerance and freedom. These people are owed respect for their efforts and their courage...
Censoring language censors history. In this case, the history for whom the word “tranny” was and is a unifying word and a step up. Turning “tranny” into a prejorative is an insult to those who stood for the rights of trans people to be seen and heard."
-Veronica Vera, founder of the first transgender academy ever, 32 years ago

"Tranny began as a uniting term amongst ourselves. Of course it’s going to be picked up and used as a denigrating term by mean people in the world. But even if we manage to get them to stop saying tranny like a thrown rock, mean people will come up with another word to wound us with. So, let’s get back to using tranny as a uniting term amongst ourselves."
-Kate Bornstein, tranny LEGEND

Quite frankly, it takes balls to wear that dress. RuPaul knows what time it is. From my seat on the sofa it appears that some folks are trying to make their reputation on the back of RuPaul. I stand with RuRu on this one.

Funny how the comment string proves Ru's points regarding "community" and "movement."  We've become too diverse to march in lockstep.  But, if we can't treat each other with some modicum of respect, how the hell are we gonna get anyone else to?

And, yeah, if Logo tries to "distance" itself too far from Ru, it's gonna wind up alone and in the dark.  Other than Drag Race, it's pablum.


reall RuTV...yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Logo loses RuPaul and his shows, they may as well close up shop and go on home.  Ru is truly the draw that brings in members of not only the LBGT community but straight viewers as well.  He has spent his career and all of his life paving the way for where we are now.  Yea, he made some money doing it but you can tell by the way he interacts with his contestants that money isn't the main draw.  RuPaul's Drag Race has changed the face of drag and has changed so many lives as well, not only contestants but funs as well.  I've never seen or encountered anyone who takes their lot in life as seriously as this man/woman.  My admiration for him rises so far above what he has done in his career, but has helped me accept my gay son for the true gift he is to me.  So the one's that are butt hurt about all the shade being thrown at RuPaul is saddening but funny at the same time because the that fabulous Queen of all ages is gonna rise above it all, just because of the person he is and inspires others to be.

So very true. What disgusts me @ the whole thing is the disloyalty on the part of Carrera...And he shows no insight into the fact that he has just nailed his coffin SHUT! Of course Ru made money but look what is being done with it!! Amazing!!! Unlike Oprah et al, who just hoards it and doesnt do nearly enough gratis...How many BILLIONS does one umarried, childless person need??!! Ru has built an amazing, loving, beneficial dynasty! I would have nothing to do with Logo if it weren't for Ru..What a darling.....PERSON!!! 

Rupaul sucks, drugged diseased cocks!

I may be naive, out-of-touch or, maybe, just simple minded.... but in my life I never would have thought "tranny" to be a transphobic word (or any other kind of phobic word). In all my years, I've only ever heard the word used in a term-of-endearment context or as an alternative to the word "trans". In watching RuPaul's show, I only ever understood her to use this word in the same way. I NEVER understood her to use the words in a vulgar, offending way. Therefore, it never hit me that one could construe the word "tranny" as an expletive or phobic word. I believe that before people start leveling phobic-based charges, they need to understand the context of how language is used. I can create sentences using the best of the Queen's english that will demean & degrade someone to the bone. And I can create sentences using bad grammar that serve to uplift someone. The meaning of the words is all in the context and, even if "tranny" is a universally acknowledged expletive (which it obviously is not), the context of the use of the word in RuPaul's show was not intended to offend or degrade in any way. I believe those in the trans community, who have made this an issue, have done a disservice to the entire LGBT community by picking a public fight over something that never was and isn't a malicious or demeaning enterprise.

There is NO such thing as the gay "community".  A community cares for all of its people, but the gay "community" cares for no one but their own egos, those who have money, and those with beautiful bodies who are under 30.

If the traditional "community" is what I have seen it devolve to in the past 10-15 years, then I don't want to be a fuckin part of it, I would much rather be in the straight "community" where I am valued as a person and not a piece of meat or how much money is in my bank account.

I agree! I am a gay man and there is NO COMMUNITY. My community is judgemental, shallow, catty & egotistical! They're more worried about their appearance than their health. I wish the gay community would be more open and accepting, as they expect from the world.

As a member of the straight community it's no better here either. Also last I checked it wasn't a choice. Don't give haters wiggle room.

Sorry don't think you are gay and your comment's are fake straight person causing shade!!

Gurl not sure where you live but in Washington DC the COMMUNITY is alive and supportive.  So calm down to select a new perspective around you or Fuckin move... Sorry you are around haters.

I'm not being hostile, but I have to disagree with you view on Washington DC. you may have found an accepting community but I didn't experience that in DC and I've been there a few times. I found the gay men there as snobbish, elitist and unfriendly as anywhere I've been. You may have a solid group of friends but I doubt that extends to the larger community. I hear previous generations of gay men who describe the communities they grew up in as solidly united and I have to say that is no longer the case today. 

There are things that are said that are true, and there are things that are said that are just slogans. You can't really have a "community" that accounts for 10% of the population. It's too large of a segment to be completely homogeneous. If "devolution" is a result of more people being able to be themselves, and no one having to necessarily align perfectly with the only sliver of society that will accept them, then I'll take devolved please. 

10 percent. I don't think so, in sydney alone the thousands of men i slept with over the years tells me we take up alot more than 10 percent.. isnt it 1 in 3 ppl that are gay. if not it sure seems like it. because that one in ten thing might of been so back in 89 but their are soo many more than 10 percent... whhhhaaaattt. get off the drugs

Slightly under 10% is the official census number in the US. But if you prefer to say that it's 30%, then great. My point was to say that the gay population is a sizable one that doesn't move in lock-step with one another anymore, and you will see a wide array of disparate opinions.  So you are only illustrating my point further.

To me Tranny means the transmission in a car.

When I see a ugly drag queen or busted looking tran... I usually say "Girl, looks like u a quart low on Tranny fluid"

When Ru says "I’ve been a “tranny” for 32 years. The word “tranny” has never just meant transsexual," I think he is trying to say that the word 'tranny" has been applied to him in a negative, insulting way countless times during his long career.  The people using that word in those cases weren't even aware of what "transsexual" means.  They figured any man who dresses like a woman at any time could be called a "tranny" in a derogatory way.  I think Ru is reclaiming the word "tranny," in a personal way, and, through his playful use of it, he is saying he doesn't give a shit about the ignorant folks who used it on him.  

What he's saying is that tranny means transsexual, but also transvestite which is someone who dresses as the opposite gender. It's kinda different because usually transvestites are straight people dressing as the opposite sex whether for fun, or sexual gratification. But I get what he's saying. He's a man who dresses as a woman. Technically a transvestite. Or trans. Or tranny. So to call people tranny or refer to one's self as tranny shouldn't be a big deal to people out there. He's not using the term maliciously.

will not be watching carmen's show. did not like carmen when she was on RuPaul's, will not watch that hypocrite bitch now.

well here's one therory any has conciderd. couldn't it be possible that this is all a PR stunt. Carmen's show starts soon so does drag race. with everyone fighting and fussing its going to guarantee high high high ratings for Carmen's and RU show. leaving all of them laughing all the way to the bank.

ru has a point, stop with all this bull

I love Ru. Let's just have a little reality check. You don't go from where he started to where he is without getting schooled in life. By all means speak, but listen first. 

Ru may be paying their light bill, but how? Drag Race is a show that lives on being catty and vile. Nothing positive for the gay community.

Literally, the stupidest comment ever. Ru is so freaking amazing, everyone knows she is keeping that shitty channel afloat so he can say what the fuck he wants to say fucka :)

Leave queen!! I help you pack! Like you done anything for gay community by throwing shade to a great gay show. No one is making you watch.

Then don't watch the show if you think that its vile and catty. Jus sayin

It is a fun show to watch - lighten up. Everything doesn't have to be so nauseatingly PC 24x7....

I can't believe the number of people that just overlooked the narcissism in Rupaul's statement. Rupaul may be the highest rated show on Logo, but Rupaul forgets Logo is part of Viacom.They probably wouldn't miss Logo at all.

Umm the show has saved people from things that could have made the community even worse. He brings families together. He was able to reunite Darrien's family. So F that idea that its vile.

Vile???! Nothing positive??!! You obviously have your head up your ass. 

Hes showed us our enemies for equality are PC Nazi Trannies.

Look.. i can say word "pony" and its bound to offend some one out there...   
 The worst thing any company can do is try to appease everybody!   Cause everybody has different tastes,views, and morals......      Rupaul has been calling himself Tranny, At the same time as calling himself a supermodel...     Obviously hes not using it derogatory way!!! He boasts to much about how fabulous/awesome/perfect/beautiful/loving he is to demerit himself!!!  i think that there will always be haters and as the years go by people are just trying to find something different to hate....     Words hold NO POWER!  Its the mind that translates those words, that has the power.....  get over yourself people......  Rupaul is an amazing person. And Probably the First person to Help with "Trans Awareness" 
   Obviously there are people out there just trying to fill the role as "victim"

This ugly nigger looks like he is literally 70 years old, yet when I google he is only 53??!!

What is it with you drag queens looking soooooo much older than you actually are??!!

Prolly all that bar smoke, alcohol and cock puffing.

Nice to see that white trash still smart as ever. Would you like a glass of brains with box wine?

You are a cracker stupid inbreed who can't even spell, how can anyone take your ignorant ass seriously?

Kevindobbin35205 U must be a dumb fuck!

Who are you calling a dumb fuck? You should know that Niggers, Faggots, Dykes and Breeders are nothing compared to us great and glorious transgender peoples. Fuck all of you and go die in a pit you OPPRESIVE CIS FUCKING SCUM!


I understand you are obliviously upset and wanting to express that anger but do you really need to resort to using hate language? Several people in the GLBT Community fully support Transgender people. I myself am working with PFLAG to help raise awareness to the needs of the Transgender education and support in the GLBT Community. Please understand you are not alone and we all are fighting for Equality. Do not be part of the negativity in OUR community. If you want acceptance and equal rights than help fight for ALL GLBT members. We are a FAMILY and should treat each other as so.

Wow. If you are trying to make a point, this probably did not work. I think everyone should be treated equally. I love the transgender community for their strength and acceptance. I do not view them as anything other than how they wish to be viewed, as a person. I should hope that the same would be given, but I suppose a few bad apples always exist.

You think these fags and dykes accept us? What about the equality bill? You cissies didn't support us there, OH LETS FUCKING DROP the poor little trannies from the equality bill if it gets our cissy assed protected by law. Time and time again you faggots and dykes screw us over so YOUR peoples can be protected. AM I MAD YES! Cause its LGBT and you always forget the T. Fuck your passive agressive "a few bad apples exist argument" Were not bad apples were oppressed and stepped over goddamit!

you kind of prove here and jack boy that no one should take TRANNIES seriously and that you are all fucked in the head, just ... no...... and hey some of us were pissed when the B was thrown in, sorry we arent all the same, we shouldnt be grouped together so fuck off

Bitter girl ... Just bitter. 

Here's a grammar lesson:

you're = you are 

Okay moving on. . . 

Actually, you cunt, I was very upset when Transgendered people were not included in protections and have been communicating with other members of the community as to how we xan change this. Do not attack me because your fucking duct tape is too tight!

Best response ever.

Well there must be more bad apples in your group than mine. *kisses faggot*

And you want people to include you? You're an idiot.

HAHAHAHA!!! wow really? such a bitter fool

keep in mind this is a small group of people attacking each other and neither is right or wrong, just vocal. don't like the word "tranny"? don't use it. have friends that don't like the word? don't use it around them. the fact that the drag/trans community is split on the political correctness of the the word "tranny" is proof there is no right or wrong when using the word, only opinions. and a lot of self-righteousness.

I agree with everything you just said

I am homosexual not LGBTQQIAP. I'll never be part of that, ever, not with the crazy stuff they are now adding to the group. TOO emotional, to FAKE and too unreasonable. What has LGBTQQIAP  done, positive things like getting gay people rights ( leaving out trans people, im looking to you politicians ) and passing gay marriage. What bad things has the group done, oh I don't know, maybe produced a shit  ton of PC Nazi's who get every gay person looked at funny, pandered to trans people so Rupual and the future of Drag Race are threatened, got the Stupid claim that sexuality is fluid, sexuality is fluid when I want a straight mans penis, it ain't fluid when i'm fighting in the supreme court for marriage rights. Its a group of beat up minorities and nothing more. My friend instructs me now its not the LGBTQQIAP community anymore but it ballooned even more stupidly to the  LGBTQHHPNODOPPTTTBGBTGGNSNG2SIAQ community. Really people... It now stands for "Unofically" the community for:
















Transgendered MTF

Transgendered FTM


GirlFaggot ( F U you gay people were using your insults to label ourselves )




Gender non-specific







Remember Ru. "If they ain't paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind..."

Id like to know how many peoples rents are paid ON time that are focusing so much on this he sed she sed ....we will see on the 1st of june!

RuPaul is right. It's not just the usage of the word, it's the intention behind it. RuPaul has only shown love to members of the LGBT community, especially the differently abled transgender wonder, Piyah Martell, whom he invited to his show.

for goodness sakes, if Ru was coming from a place of love, he'd be much kinder in general. have you seen him in interviews? he's not as nice as he tries to play himself off.

i've always felt that if someone is hurt by a word, or a sentiment, understand where they're coming from, and change your behavior. be inclusive. be community-minded. don't blame people for the hurt they feel, and don't further victimize them. in any way. be kind.

Okay, I had to respond to this...... Rupaul has done more for the "community" then many spectators,gay activists and people in a position to "uplift" or "improve or rid" the disdain the straight supremacist have towards LGBT peoples.... It's a joke to think one in his position has to remove a phrase that has been on his show since season one, and being that he has brought LIGHT to trans people/women and made them relevant and household forces, should be MORE then enough. Freedom of speech isn't current in the matters of "trans/gay" individuals now? We must stop victimizing ourselves, I feel like recently trans-people have wanted more rights then the rest of us these days, as if we ALL are not condemned and or judged and been abused, killed and so on, including straights.... The problem shouldn't be Rupaul is using a trans-phobic term or phrase but most trans-women USE the damn words or phrases themselves, the problem is the sensitivity that has really triggered transsexual women is the murders and so on, but Rupaul did NOT DO IT. To be 100% honest, "tranny" is an expression people can RELATE too, a term that has reference in mind, I don't like the word faggot yet people use it, I cannot control what comes out of peoples mouths, and me also being overly sensitive when it is NOT rational I can understand, but I consciously must not take that out on others, it's work that each individual should adopt to not make everything about themselves. I feel like people need to take a step back and not be so damn ridiculous, Rupual is an amazing person, and his show has in a way unified us and opened many peoples minds, but now that a few transsexual women are offended by the phrase "She-Mail" he can't use it? And when he defends himself, he now has to be kinder? It's BS.  Yes he is a man in drag, as he is aware, and the fact that he has been attacked by some of those people he gave opportunity too is a joke.

Over it.

Love you Ru!!!!!!!!!!!!! #thelibraryIsOpen 

I think what you said is wonderful and insightful. There was not one once of hate there. Bravo to you and RuPaul.

He's nothing but nice in interviews. You're mistaking rudeness for realness. In a recent one, he said that if your purpose in life is to have EVERYONE change their mind or their viewpoint or the way they talk, you're in for a crappy life. It's true! If all you want as a gay person, a trans person, or a drag queen is to have everyone else stop talking crap, then your life isn't going to be happy. Now, if you, yourself, change your victimness to courage and strength, then you will be happy in your life regardless of what happens or what people say about you. They're just words and if you're constantly being hurt by these words, I'm sorry, but you need to toughen up. Those words are going to be said forever. How many times am I called wetback, slave, lazy Mexican, wall-jumper, or even illegal when I'm not? I've gone into a niceish store and have the employees speak English very slowly because they thought I couldn't speak it. If I let these incidences get to me, then I'm only a victim. Instead, these have made me stronger. They remind me of who I am, but not their versions. It doesn't bother me, and it shouldn't bother you.

"He's nothing but nice in interviews."

Yeah, in interviews. Talk to the volunteers who've have to deal with him back stage at pride festivals. Also, don't tell others how to feel.

Don't tell other how to feel?
 If its absolutely ridiculous or completely harmfully for there health...  then why they hell not.?  Psychologist do it every day....    People DO need to try and stop worrying about what other need to do to make you happy!!! and try worrying about what THEY NEED TO DO TO MAKE THEMSELVES HAPPY!   thats the bottom line!

Also, no psychologist tells you how to feel. They help you deal with your feelings. A psychologist would not tell you your feelings aren't valid.

Where did Rupaul get his psych degree? If T-word is on the table, then we should just tell people offended by the use of the N-word, F-word, K-word etc to "stop playing victims". Rupaul has the ability to stop and say, "you know what? I could be a bit more empathetic." But right now, he's playing the exact card we've heard for years from the religious right who attack our anti-bullying campaigns as being censorship. We must be real close to getting L&G rights as we're becoming assholes to other marginalized groups.
If you get to go home, take off your makeup and be a different person, then you've got a privilege that FTM or MTF individuals don't have.

RuPaul to me has made a wonderful contributions to LGBT and the world ...Thank u RuPaul for your work...screw what they say ....they r assholes for talkin shit any ways ...#1 RuPaul smoochies

After they took off Noah arc, I stopped watching logo. Now my only reason for watching it is because of rupaul drag race and I am a straight female who love friendships with gay men. Rupaul should fetch his own network like Oprah did and do his own thing. Logo does not appreciate rupaul. And bring Noah arc back too.

I am with you on that, I too am a heterosexual but my little brother that I love from heaven and back a thousand times is a homosexual but through RuPauls Drag Race I have come to understand his sexuality and our other family and friends. Too each their own and I am offended that Ru has been treated this way, they changed the time the program is on, not to mention they have censored the program, by eliminating the content of you've got shemale, really those that are actual shemales are offended. If it were not for Rupaul and all the other drag queens they would discriminate against women with penises. If that bothers shemalrs then ladyboys should offend cross dressing men but it doesn't due to high self esteem. God Bless the Nation of LGBT people throughout the world!


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