RuPaul Tackles Identity In TIME 100 Honoree Interview

RuPaul is a TIME 100 Honoree and he tackles the issue of identity in his TIME interview.

Here's an excerpt (read the full interview here): 

TIME: By the same token, I think millennials take a harder line on issues of identity than you do — and are a bit more affronted by the sort of wordplay and free-associative identity play central to drag. Has this made you rethink aspects of your act?

RuPaul: Not me personally. The network has gone through that! I think the Trump era will wipe that out. To be that particular about words, you have to be in a place where you’re not under attack. I believe that those same people, right now, are so under attack that ain’t nobody got time to be dealing with “Did you call me a he or a she?” That is going to change real fast. When it gets down to survival, you have to pick your battles, and you don’t pick battles with your allies. And I think, as the Trump era moves on, your allies and your enemies will become more and more evident. The people who are mulling over certain words will have to ask themselves, “Is that word coming from a place of love, or coming from a place of hate?” That’s how you differentiate. That’s the real thing. Even what happened with Bill Maher, the truth is he wasn’t being malicious. He was being funny — he’s a comic. People need to get over that sh-t. And, you know, you have to trust your intuition and understand what the intent behind it was. His intent wasn’t to be nasty. It was to be funny.

I will say that there's an idea of nuance in drag that I think is lacking in, for instance, discourse on the internet.

Absolutely. The drag creed, really, is, Do not take life too — capital letters, “TOO” — f---ing seriously.