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RuPaul Takes Lead In Scripted Comedy Feature!

RuPaul Takes Lead In Scripted Comedy Feature!

Drag Queens On A Plane, Henney! 

She did that! Of course, if I'm ever saying that, I have to be talking about the only Drag Queen who your parents know by name, RuPaul Charles. RuPaul continues to be the face of World of Wonder Productions by not only being a branding Goddess with her own, extremely marketable, hit series, RuPaul's Drag Race, literally a freakin' Drag-Con named in her honor, her face on every gosh dang' product they sell, but she's also taking charge as the lead in their new, scripted Comedy feature! Alright, this better not be on WoW's pay-to-watch, digital platform because not only will it be impossible to watch, I wouldn't want to see pretty little pennies get stolen out of RuPaul's pocket as websites stream it online! We cannot allow that to happen to our queen! Please tell me Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu is involved. Somehow, I'm leaning towards Netflix picking up this feature, as they are always expanding their LGBTQ content and recently hosted fellow big-time Drag Queen, Bianca Del Rio's first feature film, Hurricane Bianca.

According to Variety, "On the maiden voyage of Glamazonian Airways, RuPaul has packed the flight with drag’s finest. But some evil trolls who don’t believe in loving yourself are on board and will do their damnedest to bring the plane down."

I'm incredibly curious to see who will play the evil trolls in this. Will they go the campy route and have a handful of negative drag queens? Heterosexual villains who will eventually come around to dressing in drag and dancing to disco music? I believe it's safe to say that many of WoW's favorite celebrities, as they call them - WoWlebrities, will be making cameo appearances. This is going to be a ball of fun and I'm definitely sold and along for the ride. Any opportunity to see some of our favorite queens from the series works for me. Let's cross our fingers that RuPaul will be writing the film herself, because she definitely needs to add a check mark or possibly another Emmy nod to her long list of achievements.

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