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'RuPaul's Drag Race' Queen Bianca Del Rio Reads A Heckler For Filth

An audience member apparently didn't appreciate Bianca Del Rio's commentary during a drag show at The Café in San Francisco, so he decided to let B know. 

Big mistake. The library is open and Bianca is reading!


Read. For. Filth. 


we watch bianca for her wit and if you can't take it dont' dish it she can let me tell you .   Love you girl pensacola, fl Matt hope you win but you were always a winner 

BRAVO, Bianca.

that is the best reading ever...she is hysterical. I was not real fond of her at the beginning of Ru's new season but she has really grown on me. She and Bendela Creme and Courtney Act should make the top three.

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