RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6: Meet All The Queens!

Team Instinct's been gagging since Friday on all the extravaganza RuPaul's Drag Race has served to tease the upcoming new season. The just-announced contestants, for starters, are all Grade A queens, and it looks like Logo's finally given Ru a budget to shoot the show. 

As we're introduced to a little more of the season 6 queens, it's apparent that they're all coming for each other with a mentality rife for the Hunger Games Hunty Games. Grab your crossbow, Instincters, it's going to be a diva death match starting in February!

Meet each and every season 6 queen below and let everyone know who you're rooting on for the crown in the comments! (The lead image for this post will clue you into my early fave, though other queens are sure to join her as the show gets started.)

Adore Delano



April Carrion



Ben de la Creme



Bianca del Rio



Courtney Act



Gia Gunn



Joslyn Fox



Kelly Mantle



Laganja Estranja



Magnolia Crawford






Miss Darienne Lake



Trinity K Bonet



Vi Vacious





What a bunch of clowns. Literally!

The black dude in white and black check hat looks like his eyebrows are drawn on crookedly with a black crayola crayon.

What is the point of doing this if you can't pass as a legitimate female?

Broke trolls in make up with no future. As well as a total embarrassment to the gay community.


@KevDobbinsBham Don't worry maybe they will pick you next year and all that jealousy can leave your sad, broken little heart.

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